Amory Lorch

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Amory Lorch

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Przydomek The Manticore
Tytuł Castellan of Harrenhal
Przynależność House Lorch
Zmarły 299AC,  Harrenhal
Ksiązki Gra o Tron (Mentioned)
Starcie Królów (Appears)
Nawałnica Mieczy (Mentioned)
Uczta dla Wron (Mentioned)
Taniec ze Smokami (Mentioned)

Played by Fintan McKeown
TV series Season 2

Ser Amory Lorch is a landed Rycerz of House Lorch and bannerman of Ród Lannisterów. His arms are a black manticore on a red field.[1]

Character and Appearance

He is a portly man of average height described as having a piggy face with small pig-like eyes.[2][3] Lorch is regarded as a cruel, simple and small man.


He was responsible for the murder of the four-year old Princess Rhaenys Targaryen during the sack of Królewska Przystań. He dragged the screaming toddler from under her father Rhaegar's bed and stabbed her (over fifty times) to death.[4]

When Tywin Lannister, who ordered the killing, later asked Lorch why it had taken half a hundred sword thrusts to kill a girl of four, Lorch's reply was she kept screaming and wouldn't be quiet. Lord Tywin later stated if Lorch had the wits the gods gave a turnip he would have used sweet words and a soft pillow to kill the girl instead.[5]

Recent Events

Starcie Królów

Amory Lorch in the TV series

During the Wojna Pięciu Królów, Lorch, along with fellow bannerman Gregor Clegane and Vargo Hoat, the mercenary leader of the Dzielni Kompanioni, was given the task to forage the Dorzecze and to burn what he did not take. Lorch's raiding party even encountered and attacked Yoren's group of recruits for the Nocna Straż (with Arya Stark hidden among them) and was responsible for Yoren's death.[6] This attack was unprovoked as the Nocna Straż took no part in the wars of the realm.

Lorch captured two innocent smallfolk, a beekeeper and his wife and threatened far and wide to hang them if Beric Dondarrion did not surrender to him; when Lord Beric did surrender, Lorch hanged the beekeeper and his wife anyway with Dondarrion strung up in the middle. Dondarrion would later be resurrected by Thoros z Myr, though.[7]

Lorch was made castellan of Harrenhal by Tywin Lannister when Lord Tywin took the majority of his army West to engage Robb Stark. [8] He was eventually captured by Roose Bolton when Bolton persuaded Vargo Hoat to betray Ród Lannisterów and to seize control of the castle. After Harrenhal's fall, Lorch was fed to a bear as entertainment to Bolton, Hoat, and the Dzielni Kompanioni. Arya Stark was also present to witness Lorch's death and notes that the bear that killed Lorch:

" a big black bear, just like Yoren".[9]

Uczta dla Wron

Ser Roger Hogg told Ser Jaime Lannister how Ser Amory attacked his towerhouse at Sow's Horn even though he was sworn to House Hayford, who is sworn to Królewska Przystań.[10]

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