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People in the world of Ice and fire, are no different of our own, they have always watched the night sky, wondering "where are we?", "where do we come from?", "what is our destiny?"

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The Moon and Sun

It is known that daytime period is correlated with the seasons and its shorter during the winter. The maesters of the Cytadela gathere this measurements for the Conclave, allowing them to decide whether a season has ended.


Among the priests red , the sun is associated with R'hllor, and prayers intended to implore his return at dusk and dawn to celebrate. Qartheen believe that the smoks, hatched from a second moon that came too close to the sun and cracked.(I: 198) While the Dothrakowie believe that the moon is a goddess, wife to the sun.(I: 198)

Stars and Constellations

Constellations are the names given to a group of stars linked close together. Often times, they represent some sort of picture. Their names usually vary between the various peoples. The Maester of the Cytadela compile maps of the starry sky for their research and studies and their knowledge is useful in navigation at the open sea, in particularly the Galley, the Crone's Lamp, and the eye of the Ice Smok Constellations.(III: 710)

The Dzicy have many of the same names for constellations as the folk of the Siedem Królestw do, although there are some differences. The King's Crown is the named the Cradle by them, as the Stallion is named the Horned Lord.(III: 294) The Dothrakowies for their part believe that the stars are the souls of the deceased, their brightness being a reflection of their exploits during their lives(I: 671)

The Constellations:

  • Maestrzy who study astronomy and stargazing recive the Bronze metal link.
  • Red Wanderer, is red star held sacred by the Wiara w Siedmiu to the Smith. Also known as the Thief by the free folk. The Red Comet was referred as the Thief.

References and notes

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