Bitwa o Kamienny Brzeg

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Battle of the Stony Shore
Konflict Wojna Pięciu Królów
Data 299AC
Miejsce kamienny Brzeg, Północ
Wynik Greyjoy victory
Walczące strony
Ród Greyjoyów Ród Starków
Theon Greyjoy Benfred Tallhart
Wielkość sił
8 longships Wild hares
Benfred Tallhart

The Battle of the Stony Shore was the opening fight between Ród Greyjoyów and the Siedem Królestw during the Wojna Pięciu Królów.


Theon Greyjoy was sent to Pyke as an envoy of Robb Stark, offering Balon Greyjoy a crown in return for an alliance and a strike against the Lannisters. Balon turned it down and instead planned to strike at the vulnerable Północ.[1] As part of the plan Theon, accompanied by Aeron Greyjoy and Dagmer Cleftjaw, was to take 8 longships and harry the kamienny Brzeg, sinking any ship chance met.[2]


Theon and his party landed on the Stony Shore. When news of Żelaźni Ludzie raiding reached Torrhen's Square, Leobald Tallhart sent Benfred Tallhart and his Wild hares to investigate.[3] Expecting no trouble from the ironmen, Benfred and his party approached the Stony Shore without scouts, singing and talking loudly. In a crook of a road, the Żelaźni Ludzie had fallen on the party, first loosing a flight of arrows from concealed positions and then Theon led the men-at-arms into hand-to-hand combat and massacred them, capturing Benfred.[4]


Benfred was hauled away for questioning, but refused to answer and insulted the Utopiony Bóg within Aeron Greyjoy's hearing. He was put to death by on Theon's command.[5] By killing Benfred's party, the true size of the assault by the ironmen was kept secret a little longer, which would allow the seizure of Deepwood Motte and Torrhen's Square.

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