Casterly Rock

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Casterly Rock
Fortress, Regional Capitol
Krainy Zachodu and the location of Casterly Rock
Krainy Zachodu and the location of Casterly Rock
Casterly Rock
Lokalizacja the Krainy Zachodu, Westeros.
Zarządca Ród Lannisterów , Feudal Lord.
Religia Wiara w Siedmiu
Założony Before the Era Herosów.
Nazwany House Casterly

Casterly Rock is a fortress, overlooking the harbor of Lannisport and the Morze Zachodzącego Słońca. It is the seat of Ród Lannisterów.

The fortress is carved out of a great stone hill and its natural defenses are further enhanced with walls and other structures, In fact, the Rock has never fallen. Legends say Casterly Rock is named for the family that ruled it in the Era Herosów, the Casterlys, who no longer exist. The Lannisters trace their rule over it back to the Lann the Clever who tricked the Casterlys out of their castle and claimed it for his own.[1]

Notable locations

Three key rooms within the Rock are the Golden Gallery, the Lion's Mouth and the Hall of Heroes, where the Lannisters and their close kin who have died valiant might be interred. From below the Rock thunder can be heard, where the sea comes in.[2] There is a place called the Stone Garden within the castle.[3]


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