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Craster by Amoka©
Ilustracja autorstwa Amoka©

Kultura Dzicy
Zmarły 299 AC,  Twierdza Crastera
Ksiązki Starcie Królów (Występuje)
Nawałnica Mieczy (Występuje)
Uczta dla Wron (Wspomniany)
Taniec ze Smokami (Wspomniany)

Played by Robert Pugh
TV series Sezon 2 | Sezon 3

Craster jest dzikim, panem Twierdzy Crastera, umiejscowionej za Murem. Pomimo swojej reputacji odrażającego, uznawany był za przyjaciela Nocnej STraży.

Charakter i wygląd

Once a powerful-looking man, he is nearing the end of his life. His hair is grey turning to white. He has a flat nose and a drooping mouth, which gives him a cruel look and one of his ears is missing, which he has lost to the cold.[1]

Craster was one of the few Dzicy not openly hostile to the Nocna Straż. Although he showed the Watch no malice and offered sanctuary to those north of the Mur on rangings, he was regarded as a tenuous ally at best. This is due to his incestuous relationships with his daughter-wives and suspicions of kinslaying, sacrificing his male children.[1]


Plik:Craster HBO.jpg
Robert Pugh jako Craster (w serialu)

Craster's father was a man of the Nocna Straż and his mother was a Dzicy woman from the village of Białedrzewo. His father abandoned his mother after Craster was conceived, and when his mother tried to bring him to Czarny Zamek, she was chased off by members of the Watch. Although the father's name is never mentioned, the name given to his son sounds very like Stark.[2]

Craster had a twierdza in the Far Północ, where he lived with his nineteen wives, many of whom were his own daughters, including Goździk,Dyah, Ferny, and Nella as any sons he had were sacrificed.

Bieżące wydarzenia

Starcie Królów

Craster begrudgingly allowed the Nocna Straż to stay at his keep overnight during their ranging beyond the Mur. He provided Lord Commander Mormont with the missing information on the location of Mance Rayder, he also claimed not to have seen Benjen Stark for three years. Craster was offered escort south to Mur, but refused.[1]

Nawałnica Mieczy

Following the Bitwa o Pięść Pierwszych Ludzi, Craster allowed the survivors of the attack, to stay overnight at his keep. This time, several members of the Watch, already mutinous, believed that Craster was holding back of food and aid to the men, During the farwell feast he gave for a mutiny erupted during which both Craster and Lord Commander Mormont were killed. Craster was killed by Dirk.[3]


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