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Red, parched barren plains

The Red Waste is a region on the continent of Essos. A forbidding landscape of stunted trees, devil grass and ancient ruins, which stretches southwards for hundreds of miles.


The Red Waste located South of the Morze Dothraków and Lhazar, the land of the Lhazareen. East of slaver cities and their hinterlands and north of the fabled city of Qarth. It is a land of low hills, barren windswept plains, dry rivers[1] and red parched soil.[2] Where the necessities of living are hard to come by. There are few things in the red waste that will support life. There is little forage and shallow, bitter, stagnant pools of water. Wood is hard to find, with the best being gnarled and tough.[2]

Within the Red Waste are three abandoned cities, Vaes Tolorro, and two others smaller than Vaes Tolorro. One of those is ringed with skulls on iron spears. To the south of Vaes Tolorro the waste continues to the sea. The two abandoned cities are to the southwest of Vaes Tolorro. To the southeast lies Qarth.[3]

Recent Events

Gra o Tron

Here Khal Drogo who lead his Khalasr into the Red Waste, succumbs to his wounds and his wife Daenerys builds his funeral pyre, sacrificing Mirri Maz Duur and manages to hatch her smok eggs to beget smoks onto the world again.[2]

Starcie Królów

Following the comet, Daenerys leads her much-reduced khalasar across the red waste, losing many of the weaker members of her group. They eventually stumble upon an abandoned city, which they name Vaes Tolorro and rest while Dany sends her bloodriders to scout and explore. Eventually, from the southeast, Jhogo returns with envoys from Qarth.[1]

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