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Dunk and Egg stories are an ongoing series of novellas written by George R. R. Martin, set in the world of his Song of Ice and Fire, set as prequels to the Novel. The stories relate the adventures of Ser Duncan Wysoki, who later became a legendary member of the Gwardia Królewska and his esquire Egg, who later became the King of the Siedem Królestw.

Three novellas have appeared so far: Błędny Rycerz, Wierny Miecz and Tajemniczy Rycerz and there are plans for there to be 6 to 12 such stories.[1] The published stories deal with Aegon, known as Egg, in his youth being the squire to Duncan, a hedge Rycerz. Starting with their meeting eighty-nine years before the events of the main Novel(208AC and intended to cover a long period.


The Three novellas that have appeared so far are:

  • Błędny Rycerz, Set in the world of the Song of Ice and Fire series eighty-nine years before the events of the main cycle, the story relates the adventures of Dunk (eponymously called Ser Duncan the Tall) and his squire, Egg. A novella originally published August 25, 1998 in the Legends anthology, edited by Robert Silverberg[2], later also in Dreamsongs Volume II[3] and as a stand-alone graphic novel.[4]
  • Wierny Miecz, originally published in Legends II anthology series[5], later also in Legends II: Smok, Sword and King[6] and as a Graphic Novel.[7]
  • Tajemniczy Rycerz, originally published in 2010 as part of the Warriors anthology [8] and later in Warriors 1.[9]

Planned Instalments

The author has said that he would like to write a number of these stories (varying from six to twelve from interview to interview) covering the entire lives of these two characters. A fourth instalment, currently untitled, has been announced by Martin as in the planning stages. It will feature Ser Duncan Wysoki and Egg at Winterfell, where they will meet the "She-Wolves". It will be published in a new anthology he is co-editing with Gardner Dozois, titled 'Dangerous Women'. Martin announced on his 2011 national book tour that the Dunk and Egg series will be collected into a book and published by Bantam Spectra.

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