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Smocza Skała
large port Town
The Włości Korony and the location of Duskendale
The Włości Korony and the location of Duskendale
Lokalizacja Westeros, Czarna Zatoka.
Zarządca House Rykker , Feudal Lord.
Religia Wiara w Siedmiu
Znane miejsca Dun Fort

Duskendale is a large port town off the coast of Czarna Zatoka. Located north and east of Królewska Przystań, east of Rosby. It is the seat of House Rykker


The town spreads out around the harbor, The town has cobbled streets. South of the town is a rocky headland that shelters the harbor from the storms of the narrow sea and north of it rise chalk cliffs and a road runs beside the shore between the sea and low limestone hills. Fishing villages dot the road for miles.[1]

The castle that overlooks the port is known as the Dun Fort. It is the a squat square stone castle with big drum towers of House Rykker.[1]


Duskendale was formerly held by the Darklyns, an ancient family descended from Pierwsi Ludzie kings that was wiped out as a result of the Bunt w Duskendale. During the defiance King Aerys II was held captive within Duskendale by the Darklyns. After Ser Barristan Selmy managed to rescue to the King, House Darklyn was destroyed and Duskendale and its lands and incomes were give to House Rykker.[1]

There was a tourney in Duskendale around 294AC. Ser Balman Byrch supposedly rode well in the tourney.[2]

Recent Events

Nawałnica Mieczy

During the Bitwa o Duskendale, it was attacked by an army of the Północ under the command of Ser Helman Tallhart and Robett Glover. There they were met by Lord Randyll Tarly and defeated.

Uczta dla Wron

Brienne z Tarthu visits the town in her search for Sansa Stark.

References and Notes

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