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Jon VI
Gra o Tron Rozdział
Strona 430 US HC (Other versions)
Chronologia rozdziałów(Wszystkie)
Jon V
Eddard XIII ← Jon VI → Eddard XIV



The newly promoted recruits stand in the sept of Czarny Zamek to take their vows as sworn brothers. Jon asks to be brought to the Czardrzewo to have the Starzy Bogowie hear his vows, and Sam wants to say his vows there as well. The godswood lies beyond the Mur in the Haunted Forest. When each recruit is named to his new post, Jon is sent to the stewards not the rangers, and sees a smile on Ser Alliser’s face. Jon is livid at the slight, even though he is to be steward to the Lord Commander himself. Sam quiets him by telling him it means the Old Bear probably intends to groom him to succeed him. Bowen Marsh leads Jon and Sam to the godswood with a guard of rangers as well as Duch. The godswood in the Haunted Forest is ancient and composed of nine czardrzewos. After Jon and Sam say their vows, Ghost returns as dusk is falling, his red eyes and white face eerily like the faces carved in the weirwoods. Ghost has a human hand in his mouth.

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