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Deception of Needle

Needle is a small, slender sword that Jon Snow had made by Mikken for Arya Stark before he went away to the Nocna Straż. The sword is suitable to Arya's slight build and the style of fencing known as "water dancing" used by the bravos of Braavos. Arya named it Needle as an ironic reference to her hatred of needlework.[1] She sometimes refers to her use of the sword as needlework.

Recent Events

Starcie Królów

Arya lost the sword to Polliver when she was captured in the Dorzecze.[2]

Nawałnica Mieczy

Arya got the sword back when she took it back from Polliver when she and the Hound kill Polliver at the Inn at the Crossroads.[3]

Uczta dla Wron

When Arya had to give up all her possessions to train to become a servant of the Bóg o Wielu Twarzach she could not give up Needle, so she hid it in a crack in the stairs leading to the Dom Czerni i Bieli.[4]

References and Notes

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