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Jon Arryn

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Tytuł Namiestnik Króla
Lord of the Orle Gniazdo
Defender of Dolina Arrynów
Warden of the East
Przynależność Ród Arrynów
Kultura Dolina
Urodzony 225AC
Zmarły 297AC,  Królewska Przystań
Wspołmałżonek Jeyne Royce, 1st
Rowena Arryn, 2nd
Lysa Tully, 3rd
Ksiązki Gra o Tron (Mentioned)
Starcie Królów (Mentioned)
Nawałnica Mieczy (Mentioned)
Uczta dla Wron (Mentioned)
Taniec ze Smokami (Mentioned)
Jon Arryn as Namiestnik Króla, for King Robert Baratheon

Lord Jon Arryn (225 AL - 297 AL) was Lord of the Orle Gniazdo, Defender of Dolina Arrynów and Warden of the East. He served as Namiestnik Króla to Robert Baratheon from 283 AL until his death in 297 AL. He had broad shoulders.[1]



Jon was born in 225 AL the son of Lord Jasper Arryn. Not much is known about his youth or his parents. He had a younger brother, Ronnel, and a sister, Alys, who married Elys Waynwood. Jon was Keeper of the Księżycowe Bramy while his father lived, and after his father's death he named his brother Ronnel and later his cousin Denys to that position.[2]

Rebelia Roberta

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Jon fostered Eddard Stark and Robert Baratheon as his wards in Dolina Arrynów. As they grew, the two boys became close companions and regarded Jon as a second father. After Aerys II Targaryen demanded that Jon turn them over for a likely execution, Jon refused and raised his banners in revolt. After fighting with several lords who resisted the rebellion, Jon fought in the Bitwa Dzwonów and the Bitwa nad Tridentem. During the war he married Lysa Tully to gain her father's support, and to try and secure an heir for the failing Arryn line. When Robert Baratheon ascended to the Żelazny Tron, he appointed Jon as his Hand.[3]

As Namiestnik Króla

The first task Jon undertook was making peace with Dorne. Dorne was incensed by the deaths of Lewyn and Elia Martell during the war. Oberyn Martell tried to raise the kingdom to support Viserys Targaryen, the surviving son of Aerys. In response, Jon returned the bones of Lewyn and was able to broker a peace with Doran Martell. The Rycerz Gregor Clegane, however, went unpunished.

To strengthen Robert's hold on the throne, Jon negotiated Robert's marriage with Cersei Lannister, and advised that he retain her brother Jaime on the Gwardia Królewska. Robert left Jon with much of the responsibility of running the Siedem Królestw, but Jon could not stop Robert from spending huge amounts of money on tournaments and excess, putting the nation in serious debt. While he was at court, Nestor Royce ruled as High Steward of Dolina Arrynów.

Before his death, Jon worked with Stannis Baratheon to discover that Cersei's children were fathered not by Robert but by the her brother the Kingslayer. Lord Jon meant to act and even planned for his son Robert Arryn to be fostered with Stannis on Smocza Skała. Before he could publicly reveal this information, he died. In a letter to her sister, Lysa accused the Lannisters of poisoning him, but it was later revealed that she poisoned him herself on the instigation of Petyr Baelish, using the Tears of Lys. The main reason Lysa poisoned him was to stop Jon from sending their only son away to Smocza Skała to be fostered with Stannis. Petyr's misdirection is the primary cause of the Stark-Lannister animosity around the time Eddard Stark was appointed Jon's successor as Hand.

Marriages and heirs

Jon Arryn was married three times, first to Jeyne Royce, and then to Rowena Arryn, a cousin. Neither marriage produced a child. Because he had no children, he had appointed a number of heirs who died one after another. First his nephew Elbert Arryn, the son of his younger brother Ronnel. After Elbert was executed by Aerys II Targaryen, Denys Arryn became heir. He was of a lower branch of Ród Arrynów from Gulltown and had married Jon's niece. He was killed in the Battle of the Bells.

During the Rebellion, Jon had married a third time to Lysa Tully, the daughter of Hoster Tully. Their marriage was loveless. Lysa found Jon to be too old and hated his bad breath. After several miscarriages Lysa gave Jon a sickly son and heir, Robert Arryn.

Trzecia: Lysa Tully
Druga: Rowena Arryn
Pierwsza: Jeyne Royce
Elys Waynwood
Lady Belmore
Denys Arryn
Ser Hardyng
Sześć innych córek
Jasper Waynwood
1 Dziecko
Harrold Hardyng

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