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Castellan is a occupation and title granted by a lord. It confers responsibility for defense of a castle, fort or city and is therefore often given to warriors that are trusted by their lord.

Known Castellans

Name Place On behalf of: When

32pxSer Colin Florent||Brightwater Keep||Alester Florent||Lord Alester joined the march to Królewska Przystań with Renly Baratheon's host.

32pxSer Rolph Spicer||The Crag||Ród Westerlingów||Lord Gawen joined the Lannister hosts invading the Dorzecze.

32pxSer Damion Lannister||Casterly Rock||Cersei Lannister||After the death of her father; to spite Ser Kevan Lannister.

32pxBowen Marsh||Czarny Zamek||Lord Commander {Jeor Mormont}||Wielka Wyprawa

32pxSer Wynton Stout||Czarny Zamek||Bowen Marsh||Bowen marched west to reinforce Shadow Tower against Dzicy raiders.

32pxSer {Lucas Inchfield}||Zimna Fosa||Lady {Rohanne Webber}

32pxRamsay Bolton||Dreadfort||Roose Bolton||Lord Roose marched south with Robb Stark's host.

32pxSer Axell Florent||Smocza Skała||Stannis Baratheon||Lord Stannis was invited to join the King's Small Council.

Arms unknownSer Rolland Storm||Smocza Skała||Stannis Baratheon||King Stannis sailed north for Mur.

Arms unknownSer Rufus Leek||Dun Fort||Renfred Rykker||Lord Renfred marched north with Randyll Tarly's host.

32pxSer Nestor Royce||Księżycowe Bramy||Ród Arrynów||Lord Jon Arryn was appointed as Namiestnik Króla.

32pxSer Humfrey Wagstaff||Grandview||House Grandison

House NoneUnknown||Hayford||Lady Ermesande Hayford

32pxSer {Amory Lorch}||Harrenhal||{Tywin Lannister}||Lord Tywin marched west to stop Północern Invaders.

House None{Polliver}||Harrenhal||Ser {Gregor Clegane}||Ser Gregor was called to Królewska Przystań to fight for King Joffrey.

32pxSer Bonifer Hasty||Harrenhal||Jaime Lannister/Petyr Baelish||Lord Petyr is still in Dolina Arrynów.

32pxSer Harlen Tyrell||Wysogród||King {Mern IX Gardener}||King Mern marched east to fight Aegon the Conqueror

32px{Arnolf Karstark}||Karhold||Ród Karstarków||Lord Rickard marched south with Robb Stark's host.

32pxHother Umber & Mors Umber||Last Hearth||Greatjon Umber||The Greatjon marched south with Robb Stark's host.

32pxRalf Kenning||Fosa Cailin||Victarion Greyjoy||Victarion sailed back to the Iron Isles for the Królewski Wiec.

House NoneErik||Pyke||Ród Greyjoyów||King Euron sailed south to raid Reach.

32pxSer Brynden Tully||Riverrun||Lord Edmure Tully||Lord Edmure travelled north to marry a Frey.

32pxSer Desmond Grell||Riverrun||Lord Edmure Tully||Lord Edmure was stopping Lord Tywin's hosts westward advance.

Arms unknownSer Harbert||Koniec Burzy||Ród Baratheonów||After the death of Lord Steffon.

32pxSer {Cortnay Penrose}||Koniec Burzy||{Renly Baratheon}||Lord Renly was invited to join the King's Small Council.

32pxSer {Elwood Meadows}||Koniec Burzy||Stannis Baratheon

32pxSer {Gilbert Farring}||Koniec Burzy||Stannis Baratheon

32pxSer Manfrey Martell||Słoneczna Włócznia||Doran Martell

32px{Leobald Tallhart}||Torrhen's Square||Ser {Helman Tallhart}||Ser Helman marched south with Robb Stark's host.

32px{Rodrik Cassel}||Winterfell||Ród Starków

House NoneMaester {Luwin}||Winterfell||Ród Starków

House None{Lorren}||Winterfell||Theon Greyjoy

Arms unknownSer Bartimus||Wolf's Den||Wyman Manderly

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