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The title of Warden is of a strictly military nature, carrying no connotations of suzerainty. The king nominates wardens for each region to act as supreme military leaders responsible for the defense of their region in the event of foreign invasion. This avoids any hesitation or power struggles between the high lords over command of the army.

In times of peace, this title is purely honorary. Their practical use has been rare since the Targaryen Conquest, with their most recent invocation being some four decades ago during the Wojna Dziewięciogroszowych Królów. Nonetheless, the title carries significant prestige and honor. Tradition holds that each title is given to the lord of a certain family, but the king retains the right to award it to another of his choosing. This typically only happens if the traditional holder dies and his heir is not yet of age, although in times of turbulence the office may be offered to those holding a monarch's favor.

The four major regional wardens are as follows:

Additionally there are also smaller-scale wardens:

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