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Przydomek Groat
Zmarły 300AC,  Volantis
Ksiązki Nawałnica Mieczy (Appears)
Taniec ze Smokami (Appears)

Oppo, better known as Groat, is a dwarf from across Westeros.


He and his sister Grosik make their living as entertainers who ride atop a pig and a dog while mock fighting each other. Oppo rides the Pig. He and his sister were Groat and Penny after: the two smallest coins.

Recent Events

Nawałnica Mieczy

He and Grosik were hired by a man known as Oswell to entertain the guests in Kingslanding during Joffrey Baratheons wedding to Margaery Tyrell riding a pig and a dog while in painted wooden armor.[1] Unknown to the pair this stunt was arranged by Petyr Baelish in order to provoke a quarrel between Tyrion and Joffrey in order to add further false evidence against the dwarf when he would be accused of Joffrey's murder.

A Feast of Crows

Oppo is murdered by sailors from Westeros who falsely believe him to be Tyrion Lannister.[2]

References and Notes

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