Pięść Pierwszych Ludzi

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Fist of the Pierwsi Ludzie
Ruins of an ancient ringfort
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Lokalizacja Westeros, Za Murem
Nazwany od The Pierwsi Ludzie who built it.

The Fist of the Pierwsi Ludzie is an ancient ringfort built by the Pierwsi Ludzie in the Dawn Age.[1] It is located next to the Milkwater.[2] It is where the Nocna Straż fought the Bitwa o Pięść Pierwszych Ludzi.

It is a hill that rises above the Forest around it. The hill offers commanding views with the slopes at a dangerous angle to the north and west and only slightly less dangerous to east. Its windswept crown is visible for miles. There is a ringwall of chest-high grey stone that crowns the top of the steep, stony hill. At the foot of the hill there is brook.[1][2]

Recent Events

Starcie Królów

The Nocna Straż made their camp here while searching for the Dzicy masses. From here they hoped to stop any march on the Mur.[1] The site was in poor repair and breaches in the low ringwall were filled in with timber and protected with rows of stakes by the Watch, and the slopes were booby-trapped with caltrops. In spite of the Watch's best efforts to mount a defense they were attacked and easily swept from the Fist by the Inni. (see Bitwa o Pięść Pierwszych Ludzi)

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