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The Windblown
Sztandar A fork-taled blue-and-white flag
Obecny Dowódca The Obdarty Książę
Liczebność 2,000 horse and foot
Data założenia +/- 270 AL
Założyciel The Obdarty Książę
Windblown, © Fantasy Flight Games

The Windblown are a mercenary company of two thousand mounted horse and foot soldiers found in the Wolne Miasta. They are led by a captain known as the Obdarty Książę. Fork-tailed blue-and-white banners are the standards of the Windblown, streamers of pale blue silk flutter from the Windblown lances.

The Windblown command tent is a great grey sailcloth pavilion which the Obdarty Książę likes to call his canvas castle. Some of their tents sleep ten men. It can take the Windblown less than an hour to strike camp.


The Obdarty Książę established the mercenary company some thirty years before the events in the books. When the Obdarty Książę was twenty-three the magisters of Pentos selected him to be their new prince after they had beheaded the preceding one. Instead of accepting their offer he fled to the Sporne Ziemie and never returned to Pentos. He has ridden with the Drudzy Synowie, the Iron Shields, and the Maiden's Men, but later with five other men he established the Windblown. Out of the six founders of the company, he is the only one alive.

The Obdarty Książę says to Quentyn Martell that every turncloak has his tale and others have sworn service to him, taken his coin and run. One member who fled said that the food made him sick, so the Obdarty Książę had his foot cut off, roasted up, and fed to him. He then made him camp cook and the meals improved markedly, and when his contract was fulfilled he signed another. Hugh Hungerford was the company paymaster for a time, but the Obdarty Książę caught him stealing from the coffers and removed three of his fingers and demoted him to serjeant.

There is enmity between the Windblown and the Company of the Cat. A year ago in the Sporne Ziemie they had been on opposite sides of the battle lines and bad blood still lingers. Krwawobrody makes no secret of his disdain for the Obdarty Książę whom he refers to as old grey-beards in rags.


The men of the Windblown use what names they would, and change them at a whim.

The Obdarty Książę takes a dim view of deserters and deals with them harshly. He sends hunters after them and if caught and they are lucky he’ll just chop off a foot to make sure they never run again. If they are unlucky they are given to Pretty Meris.

The closest thing they have to a company tongue is classic Starovalyriański [1]

Znani Członkowie

Kapitanowie - generałowie


Recent Events

Taniec ze Smokami

The Yunkai contract and bring the Windblown from Old Volantis to fight for the Yellow City.

Before leaving for Yunkai four Windblown serjeants set up a trestle table outside of the Merchant's House calling to every passing man and boy looking for fresh meat to fill their ranks. They sing a marching song: We are the Windblown. Blow us east to Slaver’s Bay, we’ll kill the butcher king and f!ck the smok queen.[2]

Prior to the Windblown leaving Old Volantis Quentyn Martell and his companions join the Windblown, pledging the Obdarty Książę, by making a mark on a scarp of parchment, their sword and service for a year, as a way to reach the Daenerys Targaryen. [3][1]

To get to Yunkai the Windblown sail on an overcrowded ship tossed by wind and sea, eat hard-bread crawling with weevils and drink black tar rum to sweet oblivion and sleep on piles of mouldy straw. Thereafter the Windblown were present at the Oblężenie Astaporu and later Meereen. Upon commencing the march to Meereen the Obdarty Książę declares to his sellswords that Astapor was but a taste, Meereen will be the feast.

The Obdarty Książę, after witnessing the incompetence of the Yunkai commanders had two dozen of his Westerosi sellswords (among them the disguised Quentyn Martell and his two Dornish Rycerzs) go over to Daenerys Targaryen in case he wanted to turn his cloak later on.[1]

The Westerosi contingent succesfully contact Daario Naharis and offer themselves as recruits for his Wrony Burzy.[2] After Quentyn and his companions introduce themselves to Daenerys and explain his intentions[4], the other Westerosi Windblown are kept captive. Daenerys eventually decides to release Meris[5] who, apparently speaking for the Obdarty Książę, then offers the Windblown's support for Daenerys if they are given Pentos as payment.[5][6] Meris and the Obdarty Książę also offer to help Quentyn in capturing a smok, again in exchange for Pentos.[7][8]

Ser Barristan Selmy, acting as the Hand for absent Daenerys, eventually recruits the remaining captured Windblown contingent, releasing them back to the Obdarty Książę with an offer of alliance during the coming attack to Yunkai.[9]

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