Pyat Pree

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Pyat Pree

Tytuł Warlock
Przynależność The Undying Ones
Rasa Qartheen
Ksiązki Starcie Królów
Uczta dla Wron
Taniec ze Smokami

Played by Ian Hanmore
TV series Season 2

Pyat Pree is a warlock from the city of Qarth.


He is a pale man with blue lips.[1]

Recent Events

Starcie Królów

Pyat Pree, a warlock is one of the three representatives of Qarth that accompany Jhogo back to Vaes Tolorro after he was sent by Daenerys Targaryen to discover what lies near the abandoned city.[2] He escorts Daenerys to Qarth where he tries to convince her to come with him and visit the Dom Nieśmiertelnych.[3] He counsels on the rules of entering the Dom Nieśmiertelnych in Qarth.

Pyat Pree invited Daenerys Targaryen many times to the Dom Nieśmiertelnych

Uczta dla Wron

Euron Greyjoy reportedly captured four warlocks leaving a ship from Qarth. Euron killed one for threatening him and then fed him to the three remaining warlocks. The surviving warlocks are reportedly coaching Euron in black magic.

Taniec ze Smokami

While visiting Meereen Xaro Xhoan Daxos informs Daenerys Targaryen that not all her enemies are in Yunkai. He warns her to beware men with cold hearts and blue lips.

He tells her that she had not been gone a fortnight when Pyat Pree set out from Qarth with 3 of his fellow warlocks, to seek her in Pentos, to seek revenge on her for the burning of Warlocks' Dom Nieśmiertelnych. This implies to readers that the warlocks are most likely the ones captured by Euron Greyjoy - who come across 4 warlocks when he captured a certain galleas out of Qarth.

In private Ser Barristan voices his concern to Dany about Pyat Pree. When Dany tries to recall Pree's face all she can see are his lips - which the shade of the evening turned blue.

She tells Ser Barristan that if a warlock's spell could kill her, she would be dead by now. She states that she left their palace in ashes. However she thinks privately to herself that it was Drogon who saved her when the Undying Ones would have drained the life from her. Drogon burned them all. Ser Barristan does not dispute her and replies that he will be watchful.

References and Notes

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