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Ród Boltonów of the Dreadfort
Herb Carnation, a flayed man affronté sanguine
Dewiza "Our Blades are Sharp"
Siedziba the Dreadfort
Obecna głowa rodu Roose Bolton
Region Północ
Tytuł Lord of the Dreadfort
Warden of Północ
Spadkobierca Ramsay Bolton
Senior Ród Baratheonów z Królewskiej Przystani

Ród Boltonów of the Dreadfort is an old line descended from the Pierwsi Ludzie and dating back to the Era Herosów. Their sigil is a flayed man, red on pink.[1][2] Their seat is the Dreadfort and they are one of the most powerful lords of the Północ. The Boltons are best known for their practice of flaying their enemies.

According to GRRM, their words are "Our blades are sharp," while a common saying among the Boltons is "A flayed man holds no secrets."


The Boltons are an ancient and powerful house of Północ who for many centuries were bitter rivals of the Kings in Północ, the Starks of Winterfell. The Boltons achieved some successes against the Starks, flaying the skins of several Stark lords and hanging them in their stronghold, the Dreadfort. According to rumour, some Bolton lords even wore the flayed skins of their enemies - including the Starks - as cloaks. This practice has given the Boltons a sinister reputation, and it has been suggested that the legendary Night's King was a Bolton.

Approximately a thousand years ago, the Boltons finally swore fealty to the Kings in Północ and agreed to abandon their tactic of flaying their enemies. However, three hundred years later the Boltons rose in rebellion against the Starks of Winterfell. The Stark armies besieged the Dreadfort for four years before the Boltons finally capitulated and dipped their banners once more. For many centuries the Boltons remained loyal to the Starks, although rumours persised that they continued to flay their prisoners in secret, and maintain a hidden chamber in the Dreadfort to display the skins of their enemies.

After learning that the Greyjoys had taken much of Północ and the Lannister and Tyrell victory at Bitwa nad Czarnym Nurtem, Roose Bolton concludes that King Robb Stark's cause is lost, sides with the Lannisters in secret and betrays his King at the Krwawe Gody, in addition to secretly undermining the efforts of Północmen loyal to the Starks. Ród Boltonów usurps Ród Starków to become overlords of Północ and Roose Bolton the Warden of Północ. His authority is contested by Stannis Baratheon and several northlords, and is begrudged by nearly all others.

The Bolton House at the end of the third century

The known Boltons during the timespan of the events described on Pieśń Lodu i Ognia are:

Bethany Ryswell
"Gruba" Walda Frey
Ramsay Snow
"Arya Stark"


  • Walton, called 'Steelshanks', Lord Roose's captain.
  • Maester Tybald, counselor, healer and tutor at the Dreadfort. Placed by Lord Roose at Arnolf Karstark's army. Currently imprisoned under orders of King Stannis Baratheon.
  • Nymeria, called "Nan". Lord Roose's cupbearer at Harrenhal. Actually a disguised Arya Stark.
  • Walder Frey, called 'Big Walder', Ramsay's squire.
  • {Walder Frey}, called 'Little Walder', Ramsay's squire. Killed by the 'Ghost of Winterfell', presumably Theon Greyjoy, or Mance Rayder and his spearwives.
  • Elmar Frey, a page to Lord Roose.
  • {Fetor}, a man-at-arms infamous for his stench. Slain by Rodrik Cassel's men while posing as Ramsay.
  • Ben Bones, kennelmaster at the Dreadfort and one of Ramsay's 'Bękart Boys'.
  • Damon Dance-for-Me, Sour Alyn, Skinner, Grunt, men-at-arms sworn to Ród Boltonów and members of Ramsay's 'Bastard Boys'
  • {Luton}, another of the 'Bastard Boys'. Severly injured during a fight between Manderly and Frey men, finished of by Ramsay.
  • {Yellow Dick}, another of Ramsay's 'Bastard Boys'. Slain by Rowan, a Dzicy spearwife.

References in the books

Pieśń Lodu i Ognia

Sworn Houses

After they were raised to Warden of Północ several houses swore fealty to their new overlords, not all willingly.

References and Notes

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