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Ród Tarlych of Horn Hill
Herb Vert, a striding huntsman proper garbed gules
Dewiza First in Battle
Siedziba Horn Hill
Obecna głowa rodu Randyll Tarly
Region Reach
Tytuł Lord of Horn Hill
Spadkobierca Dickon Tarly
Senior Ród Tyrellów
Broń Rodowa Heartsbane

Ród Tarlych of Horn Hill is a noble house of Reach sworn to Ród Tyrellów. Their lands are located in the foothills of the Czerwone Góry of Dorne. Their sigil is the striding huntsman on green.[1][2] Their motto is not revealed in the books, but according to semi-canon sources it is "First in Battle".[3] They are a family old in honor with rich lands and a strong keep. They are also the keepers of a Valyrian greatsword called Heartsbane.[4]

The Tarly House at the end of the third century

The known Tarlys during the timespan of the events described on Pieśń Lodu i Ognia are:

Dwie inne dziewczynki


Ser Hyle Hunt, a household Rycerz.

References in the books

Dunk & Egg

Pieśń Lodu i Ognia

  • Randyll Tarly commanded the vanguard of Reach at the Battle of Ashford, where he killed Lord Cafferen and forced Robert Baratheon to retreat. Mace Tyrell, however, takes credit for the victory.
  • Lord Randyll is among the lords that join their forces to King Renly's beneath Gorzki Most.
  • Renly was at Horn Hill with Lord Tarly when he received Stannis Baratheon's letter concerning the illegitimacy of Cersei's children.
  • Randyll Tarly was among the lords who did not go over to Stannis Baratheon after Renly's death. He captures Renly's stores at Gorzki Most and puts many men to death, mainly Florent men-at-arms, lest they go over to Stannis along with their lords.
  • Samwell was part of the Nocna Straż expedition north of the Mur, that went in search of Mance Rayder and Benjen Stark.
  • After the Bitwa o Pięść Pierwszych Ludzi, Samwell slew an Other.
  • Lord Randyll was presented to the Żelazny Tron after the Bitwa nad Czarnym Nurtem, where he had commanded the center of the Tyrell-Lannister host.
  • Samwell survived the Bitwa o Pięść Pierwszych Ludzi and the mutiny at Twierdza Crastera and was one of the few survivors to make it back to Mur.
  • Lord Randyll defeated a Północern army at the Bitwa o Duskendale. He then marched on and captured Staw Dziewic.
  • Samwell arranges for the election of Jon Snow as Lord Dowódca Nocnej Straży. Afterwards Jon orders him to attend the Cytadela to gather lore about the Inni.
  • Ser Kevan Lannister names Lord Randyll as a good candidate to fill the vacant position as Namiestnik Króla during his meeting with Queen Cersei.
  • Brienne z Tarthu spots the badge of Ród Tarlych among those that had been collected from the dead around Duskendale.[5]
  • As he is meting out justice in Staw Dziewic, Randyll Tarly meets Brienne, where he dismisses her mission and tells her never to set foot within his sight again.
  • Dickon Tarly is betrothed to the daughter of Lord William Mooton.
  • Randyll returns to Królewska Przystań upon receiving news of the arrest of Margaery Tyrell. He receives custody of she and her cousins after swearing a holy oath to return them for trial.
  • As part of Lord Regent Kevan Lannister's efforts to assuage Reachmen, Lord Tarly is named Master of Laws.

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