Ronnet Connington

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Ronnet Connington

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Przydomek Red Ronnet
Tytuł Ser
the Rycerz of Griffin's Roost
Przynależność House Connington
Ksiązki Starcie Królów
Nawałnica Mieczy
Uczta dla Wron
Taniec ze Smokami

Ser Ronnet Connington, also known as Red Ronnet, is the Rycerz of Griffin's Roost. He has a red beard.[1]


He was once betrothed to Brienne z Tarthu.[2] He was six years her senior, however he had no real interest in marrying her.[3]

Recent Events

Starcie Królów

During the Wojna Pięciu Królów, Ronnet was with King Renly I's host at Gorzki Most, where he participated in a meleé and was unhorsed by his once-betrothed, Brienne z Tarthu.[4] He was among the lords and Rycerzs that followed Renly to Koniec Burzy and switched switched sides to King Stannis after Renly’s death.[5] Ronnet survived the Bitwa nad Czarnym Nurtem, either having been taken captive or having turned sides in the midst of the conflict, and was presented to King Joffrey I in the Żelazny Tron room to swear his allegiance.

Uczta dla Wron

Ser Ronnet was spotted by Ser Jaime Lannister riding at a quintain in the yard of the Czerwona Twierdza.[6] When Ser Jaime was sent north to end the siege of Riverrun, Ser Ronnet accompanied him as his standard bearer. At Harrenhal Ser Jaime and Ser Ronnet discussed Ser Ronnet's previous betrothal to Brienne z Tarthu and his utter disdain for her. Ser Jaime did not take kindly to Ser Ronnet's comments, in the end punching him.[7] After Harrenhal, Ser Jaime to be rid of Connington charged him with returning Ser Wylis Manderly to Biały Port via Staw Dziewic and gave him command of the Mountains former men as an escort so Jaime could be rid of them too.[8]

Taniec ze Smokami

Ser Ronnet is brought before Kevan Lannister, Lord Mace Tyrell, Randyll Tarly and the rest of the Mała Rada to determine if he is involved when the Złota Kompania attacked the Krainy Burzy led by his uncle Jon Connington. Ser Ronnet swore he was Tommens man and would prove it with his sword by brining them the head of his uncle and this Targaryen pretender, the council decided to put him under guard till they march on the Złota Kompania where he will be given a chance to prove his loyalty.


Ronald Storm

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