Starcie Królów-Rozdział 49

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Daenerys IV
Starcie Królów Rozdział
POV Daenerys
Strona 517 UK HC (Other versions)
Chronologia rozdziałów(Wszystkie)
Tyrion X
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Tyrion XII


Tyrion dispatches his clansmen into the Królewski Las to raid Stannis's baggage trains, ambush his scouts, and perform night raids. Tyrion feels he can trust only about a quarter of the 6,000 men in the City Watch, and feels unprepared for the coming battle. He orders Bronn to start burning down the houses along the wall by the quay, feeling that the enemy could scale the wall easier by climbing on the roofs of the houses. Tyrion is aware that Winterfell had fallen to the Żelaźni Ludzie. Balon Swann had been named to the Gwardia Królewska to replace Preston Greenfield, and Tyrion had approved, but he did not approve of Cersei’s choice of Osmund Kettleblack to replace Boros Blount. Blount had been stripped of his white cloak after he had surrendered Tommen immediately when Jacelyn’s men overtook them. Blount was rotting in Rosby’s dungeon on the count of treason, since the Gwardia Królewska are supposed to give their lives in defending the royal family.

Tyrion had appointed the new Wielki Septon, and told him to warn the people that Stannis meant to burn the Wielki Sept Baelora. Tyrion also visits the Cech Alchemików, and is surprised to learn that they have 13,000 jars of Dziki ogień, way ahead of schedule. When Tyrion asks Hallyne why, the pyromancer explains that their spells have been more potent of late, and was at a loss to explain why. He does ask Tyrion if there were any smoks about, and elaborates something he had heard a long time ago, that magic had begun to disappear from the world when the last smok died.

Jacelyn informs Tyrion that Tommen is safe, but the Hand does not know where the boy is being kept in case Tyrion is captured and tortured by the invaders. Varys then informs Tyrion of a plot by several merchants calling themselves Antler Men to arm commoners in the streets. Tyrion writes the order for their arrest, one of them being the master smith Salloreon.

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