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The Master of Coin is the king's chief financial adviser. Duties of the Master of Coin include keeping account of the receipts and expenditures from the royal treasury, receiving reports from royal officials, supervising the collection of taxes and custom duties, borrowing money, managing the royal treasury and supervising the three royal mints. The Master of Coin also sits on the Mała Rada. The Master of Coin oversees a large number of offices including the four Keepers of the Keys, the King's Counter, the King's Scales, the officers in charge of mints, harbormasters, tax farmers, customs sergeants, wool factors, toll collectors, pursers and wine factors.[1]


Even though Elaena Targaryen's husband sat on the King`s Mała Rada as Master of Coin, it was widely known that she was the one performing the duties.[2]

After the death of Tywin Lannister, Queen Regent Cersei renamed the office Lord Treasurer.

List of Known Masters of Coin

References and Notes

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