Syrio Forel

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Syrio Forel
Syrio Forel.jpg
Syrio Forel portrait by Amoka©

Tytuł First Sword to the Sealord of Braavos Water Dancer
Przynależność Ród Starków
Kultura Braavosi
Urodzony  Braavos
Zmarły 298AC,  Królewska Przystań
Ksiązki Gra o Tron (Appears)
Starcie Królów (Mentioned)
Nawałnica Mieczy (Mentioned)
Uczta dla Wron (Mentioned)
Taniec ze Smokami (Mentioned)

Played by Miltos Yeromelou
TV series Season 1

Syrio Forel is a bravo from Braavos, a master fencer and former First Sword of Braavos.[1] In the TV series he is played by Miltos Yeromelou.[2]


He is a slight, bald man with a beak of a nose.[3]


The day the old First Sword died, the Sealord of Braavos sent for Syrio. Syrio, upon entering the Sealord's presence was asked about the cat, claimed to be from a far off land, seated on the Sealord's lap. Syrio answered him truthfully, telling him that he has seen cats like that a thousand times in the alleys of Braavos. Because he saw the reality of what the cat was, he was named First Sword.[4]

Recent Events

Miltos Yeromelou as Syrio Forel (TV series)

Gra o Tron

Eddard Stark hired Syrio to teach Arya Stark how to use her sword, Igła, believing the slender blade would suit the Braavosi waterdancing style. Syrio trained Arya using wooden swords filled with lead. He also mentored her on how to move and think like a warrior: to be perceptive, move with grace, and command her fear.[3] When Cersei Lannister ordered all Starks in the Czerwona Twierdza to be captured or killed, Syrio ordered Arya to flee while he held off the Lannister men. With only his wooden practice sword, he defeated or killed five guardsmen and then attacked Meryn Trant. Syrio rained down ineffective blows onto Meryn's plate armor until his sword was cut in half. Arya fled, obeying Syrio's orders.[4] Even years later, Arya remembers Syrio's words and lets them guide her actions through difficult situations.

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