Taniec ze Smokami-Rozdział 1

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Tyrion I
Taniec ze Smokami Rozdział
POV Tyrion Lannister
Strona 16 UK HC (Other versions)
Chronologia rozdziałów(Wszystkie)
Prologue ← Tyrion I → Daenerys I

Tyrion II


Tyrion is in the cabin of a ship fleeing across the Wąskie Morze, perpetually drunk and wracked with guilt over his betrayal of the Lannisters and murder of his father, as well as his anxiety over the fate of Tysha, whom he now knows to be the only woman ever to have truly loved him.

Having escaped and found passage across the sea thanks to Varys, he ponders where he might be going. He decides he would prefer to go to Dorne so he can raise his niece Myrcella to the Żelazny Tron. Once the ship reaches port he is bundled into a barrel and smuggled off the ship, finding himself in Pentos, in the home of Magister Illyrio Mopatis.

Tyrion spends a day wandering around Illyrio's home talking to his servants and plotting escape. He discovers a patch of poisonous mushrooms and picks them before passing out. He meets a courtesan of Illyrio's who has been assigned to him, threatening her before heading off to dinner with the Magister.

He is eventually served a dish of mushrooms and contemplates whether Illyrio is trying to poison him, and whether it would not be best just to eat some and be done with it. Illyrio goads him before eating some of the mushrooms himself and asking Tyrion of his intentions. He informs Tyrion that Stannis is at the Mur, and says that neither Stannis at the Wall nor Myrcella in Dorne is a viable candidate for support in the game of thrones. Mopatis claims that Westeros is in need of a savior from across the sea. When Tyrion asks who that would be, he replies "A dragon with three heads".

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