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The triarchs ride everywhere on elephants - by Marc Fishman ©

Triarch of Volantis is a title bestowed on the elected Triarchs of Volantis. The triarchs are neither kings nor princes; Volantis is a freehold, like Valyria of old. All freeborn landholders share the rule. The triarchs are chosen from amongst those noble families who can prove unbroken descent from old Valyria, to serve until the first day of the New Year. [1] The triarchs are considered so elevated that their feet are not allowed to touch the ground during their year of service. They ride everywhere in elephants.[1]


An elected Triarch shares joint rulership of the city of Volantis with two other Triarchs. A Triarchs term lasts for one year. However a Triarch may run for re-election for the post as many times as they wish. Each year the freeborn landholder of Volantis can elect a new Triarch or re-elect the a current one.

The elections last for ten days and are ten days of madness in Volantis with Torchlight marches, speeches, mummers and minstrels and dancers, bravos fighting duels for the honor of their candidates, elephants with the names of would be Triarchs painted on their sides. Some would be Triarchs even get Niewolnik girls and boys to lay with voters, anything to win votes.

According to Ser Jorah Mormont there has never been a child triarch (as there have been child kings in Westeros) and if one of the Triarchs ever went mad (as did Aerys II Targaryen) the other two Triarchs would restrict his influence until his year ran out.

Some women of good birth who dwell behind the Black Mur have the ability to vote. Three hundred years ago there was a female Triarch, Trianna. Only those of the Old Blood who can trace their ancestry back to Valyria can be Triarch. The Triarchs belong to either the Elephant or Tiger parties.

The Tiger party

When the Elephants came to power, their followers went on a rampage, knocking the heads from the statues of those they blamed for all the wars and deaths. - by Marc Fishman ©

The Tigers are old aristocracy and warriors. The Tiger party led Volantis in battle and after the failed wars to take control of the world after the Doom of Valyria. The Tiger Cloaks' name comes from the military Tiger party.

The Elephant party

The Elephants are the party of the merchants and moneylenders. The Elephants advocate trade and the tigers advocate the sword. When the elephants came to power, their followers went on a rampage, knocking the heads from the statues of those they blamed for all the wars and deaths.[2] The Elephant party has held power for the last three hundred years, during which at least two of the three Triarchs in power have been Elephants.[3] Illyrio Mopatis of Pentos has paid Triarch Nyessos Vhassar of the Elephant party enough to own him eight times over.[4]

Past Triarchs

Recent Events

A Dance of Smoks

Elections are being held in Volantis for the Triarchs.

The cities current Triarchs are:

Candidates for a Triarch of Volantis are:

However the results of the new elections have not yet been revealed and with the city thirsty for war against Daenerys Targaryen [2] speculation is rife that two Tigers might be elected Triarch (something that has not happened for three hundred years).

While stopping briefly in Volantis Victarion Greyjoy sees galleys heading to Zatoka Niewolnicza taking on provisions. The whole city had seemed drunk. Sailors and soldiers and tinkers had been observed dancing in the streets with nobles and fat merchants, and in every inn and winesink cups were being raised to the new triarchs. All the talk had been of the gold and gems and Niewolniks that would flood into Volantis once the smok queen was dead. [5]

Later, while sailing towards Zatoka Niewolnicza Victarion Greyjoy questions Moqorro on what he sees in his nightfire, rain? Moqorro replies,

No rain. Behind come the tigers. Ahead awaits your smok.

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