Trystan Martell

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Trystane Martell

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Tytuł Prince
Przynależność Ród Martellów
Kultura Dornish
Urodzony 287 AL
Ksiązki Gra o Tron Starcie Królów
Nawałnica Mieczy
Uczta dla Wron

Trystane Martell is the youngest child of the ruling prince of Dorne, Doran Martell, and his wife, Mellario of Norvos. He has olive skin and straight black hair.[1]

Recent Events

Starcie Królów

The acting Namiestnik Króla, Tyrion Lannister, wanted to keep the Dornish from supporting Lannister enemies so he pledged Myrcella Baratheon as a future wife of Trystane. Doran Martell accepted and so Myrcella traveled to Słoneczna Włócznia together with Ser Arys Oakheart, a member of the Gwardia Królewska.[2]

Uczta dla Wron

Trystane got on well with his betrothed. They often played the game Cyvasse. Myrcella won more than Trystane but Trystane did not mind.[3]

When Arianne conspired to have Myrcella crowned as ruling Queen of the Siedem Królestw she traveled with Myrcella and her companion through the desert in the direction of the Hellholt. Rosamund Lannister, Myrcella's bedmaid, was left to impersonate the princess. Ser Arys tried to prevent Trystane from visiting his betrothed because he would notice the difference.[4]


Trystane was born around 288 AL.[5][6] Trystane's father and mother married for love but split because of cultural differences after his birth.[7] He has two elder siblings, Arianne Martell, the heir of Słoneczna Włócznia, and Quentyn Martell.

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