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The Appendix is a quick-glance site for information on the characters. Within the appendix is the list of characters and their general associations.

The Kings and Their Courts

The Queen Regent

CERSEI LANNISTER, the First of Her Name, widow of {King Robert I Baratheon}, Queen Dowager, Protector of the Realm, Lady of Casterly Rock, and Queen Regent,

  • Queen Cersei's children:
  • Queen Cersei's brothers:
  • Queen Cersei's uncles, aunt and cousins:
  • SER LANCEL, Ser Kevan's son, her cousin, formerly King Robert's squire and Cersei's lover, newly raised Lord of Darry,
  • {WILLEM}, Ser Kevan's son, murdered at Riverrun,
  • MARTYN, twin to Willem, a squire,
  • JANEI, Ser Kevan's daughter, a girl of three,
  • {SER CLEOS FREY}, Genna's son, killed by outlaws,
  • SER LYONEL FREY, Lady Genna's second son,
  • {TION FREY}, Genna's son, murdered at Riverrun,
  • WALDER FREY, called RED WALDER FREY, Lady Genna's youngest son, a page at Casterly Rock,
  • King Tommen's Mała Rada:
  • Cersei's household at Królewska Przystań:
  • Margaery's court at Królewska Przystań:
  • ARRYK and ERRYK, Lady Olenna's guards, twins seven feet tall called LEFT and RIGHT,
  • SER LORAS TYRELL, her youngest brother, the Rycerz of Flowers, a Sworn Brother of the Gwardia Królewska,
  • Margaery's lady companions:
  • PAXTER REDWYNE, Lord of the Arbor,
  • MATHIS ROWAN, Lord of Goldengrove,
  • SER WILLAM WYTHERS, Margaery's captain of the guards,
  • Cersei's court at Królewska Przystań,
  • TAENA, his wife, a woman of Myr,
  • LADY FALYSE, her elder daughter and heir,
  • LADY LOLLYS, her younger daughter, great with child but weak of wit,
  • SER BRONN OF THE BLACKWATER, Lady Lollys's husband, a former sellsword,
  • {SHAE}, a camp follower serving as Lollys's bedmaid, strangled in Lord Tywin's bed,
  • MAESTER FRENKEN, in Lady Tanda's service,
  • RUGEN, undergaoler for the black cells,
  • THE HIGH SEPTON, Father of the Faithful, Voice of the Seven on Earth, an old man and frail,
  • CHATAYA, proprietor of an expensive brothel,

King Tommen's banner shows the crowned stag of Baratheon, black on gold, and the lion of Lannister, gold on crimson, combatant.

The King at the Mur

STANNIS BARATHEON, the First of His Name, second son of Lord Steffon Baratheon and Lady Cassana of House Estermont, Lord of Smocza Skała, styling himself King of Westeros,

  • PRINCESS SHIREEN, their daughter, a girl of eleven,
  • Stannis's court at Czarny Zamek
  • Rayder's son by his wife, {DALLA}, a newborn as yet unnamed, "the Dzicy prince,"
  • GILLY, the babe's wet nurse, a Dzicy girl,
  • her son, another newborn as yet unnamed, fathered by her father {CRASTER},
  • Stannis's garrison at Smocza Skała:
  • SER ROLLAND STORM, called THE BASTARD OF NIGHTSONG, a king's man, castellan of Smocza Skała,
  • MAESTER PYLOS, healer, tutor, counselor,
  • "PORRIDGE" and "LAMPREY", two gaolers,
  • lords sworn to Smocza Skała:
  • lords sworn to Koniec Burzy:
  • SER ALYN, Ser Aemon's son, likewise with King Tommen in Królewska Przystań,
  • SER LOMAS, brother of Lord Eldon, uncle and supporter of King Stannis, at Koniec Burzy,
  • SER ANDREW, Ser Lomas's son, protecting Edric Storm upon the narrow sea,
  • MARYA, his wife, a carpenter's daughter,

Stannis has taken for his banner the fiery heart of the Lord of Light; a red heart surrounded by orange flames upon a yellow field. Within the heart is the crowned stag of Ród Baratheonów, in black.

King of the Isles and the Północ

{BALON GREYJOY}, the Ninth of His Name Since the Grey King, King of the Żelazne Wyspy and Północ, King of Salt and Rock, Son of the Sea Wind, and Lord Reaper of Pyke, killed in a fall,

  • King Balon's brothers and half brothers:
  • RUS and NORJEN, two of his acolytes, the "drowned men,"
  • {ROBIN}, died in infancy,
  • King Balon's household on Pyke:
  • MAESTER WENDAMYR, healer and counselor,
  • HELYA, keeper of the castle,
  • King Balon's warriors and sworn swords:
  • ERIK IRONMAKER, called ERIK ANVIL-BREAKER and ERIK THE JUST, an old man, once a famed captain and raider,
  • ASHA GREYJOY, only daughter of Balon Greyjoy, a captain of the Black Wind,
  • VICTARION GREYJOY, brother to Balon Greyjoy, master of the Iron Victory and Lord Captain of the Żelazna Flota,
  • EURON GREYJOY, called THE CROW'S EYE, brother to Balon Greyjoy and captain of the Silence,
  • Balon's bannermen, the Lords of the Żelazne Wyspy:
  • {HARREN}, his eldest son, killed at Fosa Cailin,
  • TRISTIFER, his second son and rightful heir, dispossessed by his uncle,
  • SYMOND, HARLON, VICKON, and BENNARION, his younger sons, likewise dispossessed,
  • GERMUND, his brother, made Lord of Lordsport,
  • WEX, a mute boy of twelve years, bastard son of Sargon, squire to Theon Greyjoy,
  • Lord Rodrik's household:

Other Houses Great and Small

Ród Arrynów

ROBERT ARRYN, Lord of the Orle Gniazdo, Defender of the Dolina, styled by his mother True Warden of the East, a sickly boy of eight years, sometimes called SWEETROBIN,

  • ALAYNE STONE, Lord Petyr's natural daughter, a maid of three-and-ten, actually Sansa Stark,
  • SER LOTHOR BRUNE, a sellsword in Lord Petyr's service, the Orle Gniazdo's captain of the guards,
  • OSWELL, a grizzled man-at-arms in Lord Petyr's service, sometimes called KETTLEBLACK,
  • Lord Robert's household at the Orle Gniazdo:
  • MARILLION, a handsome young singer much favored by Lady Lysa and accused of her murder,
  • MAESTER COLEMON, counselor, healer, and tutor,
  • MORD, a brutal gaoler with teeth of gold,
  • GRETCHEL, MADDY and MELA, servingwomen,
  • Lord Robert's bannermen, the Lords of Dolina Arrynów:
  • SER ALBAR, Lord Nestor's son and heir,
  • MYRANDA, called RANDA, Lord Nestor's daughter, a widow, but scarce used,
  • Lord Nestor's household:
  • TERRANCE, his son and heir, a young squire,
  • the Lordowie Deklaranci, bannermen of Ród Arrynów joined together in defense of young Lord Robert:
  • SER ANDAR, Bronze Yohn's sole surviving son, and heir to Runestone,
  • Bronze Yohn's household:
  • Bronze Yohn's bannermen and sworn swords:
  • SER MORTON, her eldest son and heir,
  • SER DONNEL, her second son, the Rycerz of the Gate,
  • WALLACE, her youngest son,
  • HARROLD HARDYNG, her ward, a squire oft called HARRY THE HEIR,
  • SER GILWOOD, Lord Eon's eldest son and heir, now called YOUNG LORD HUNTER,
  • SER EUSTACE, Lord Eon's second son,
  • SER HARLAN, Lord Eon's youngest son,
  • Young Lord Hunter's household:
  • MAESTER WILLAMEN, counselor, healer, tutor,

Ród Florentów

{ALESTER FLORENT}, Lord of Brightwater, burned as a traitor,

  • his siblings,
  • SER COLIN, castellan at Brightwater Keep,
  • MAESTER OMER, Ser Colin's eldest son, in service at Old Oak,
  • MERRELL, Ser Colin's youngest son, a squire on the Arbor,

Ród Freyów

WALDER FREY, Lord of the Crossing,

  • Edwyn's daughter, WALDA, a girl of nine,
  • Petyr's daughter, PERRA, a girl of five,
  • Walton's son, STEFFON, called THE SWEET,
  • Walton's daughter, WALDA, called FAIR WALDA,
  • Walton's son, BRYAN, a squire,
  • Rhaegar's son, ROBERT, a boy of thirteen,
  • Rhaegar's daughter WALDA, a girl of eleven, called WHITE WALDA,
  • Rhaegar's son, JONOS, a boy of eight,

  • Arwood's daughter, RYELLA, a girl of five,
  • Arwood's twin sons, ANDROW and ALYN, four,
  • Arwood's daughter, HOSTELLA, a newborn babe,
  • {many stillbirths and miscarriages},

  • LOTHAR, Lord Walder's twelfth son, called LAME LOTHAR, m. Leonella Lefford,
  • Lothar's daughter, TYSANE, a girl of seven,
  • Lothar's daughter, WALDA, a girl of five,
  • Lothar's daughter, EMBERLEI, a girl of three,
  • Lothar's daughter, LEANA, a newborn babe,
  • Whalen's son, HOSTER, a squire of twelve, in service to Ser Damon Paege,
  • Whalen's daughter, MERIANNE, called MERRY, eleven,
  • TYTA, Lord Walder's daughter, called TYTA THE MAID,

  • no progeny,

  • Benfrey's daughter, DELLA, called DEAF DELLA, a girl of three,
  • Benfrey's son, OSMUND, a boy of two,

  • by his seventh wife, {LADY ANNARA of House Farring}:
  • ARWYN, Lord Walder's daughter, a maid of fourteen,
  • WENDEL, Lord Walder's nineteenth son, thirteen a page at Seagard,
  • COLMAR, Lord Walder's twentieth son, eleven and promised to the Faith,
  • WALTYR, called TYR, Lord Walder's twenty-first son, ten,
  • ELMAR, Lord Walder's lastborn son, a boy of nine briefly betrothed to Arya Stark,
  • SHIREI, Lord Walder's youngest child, a girl of seven,

  • presently with child,

  • Lord Walder's natural children, by sundry mothers,

Ród Hightowerów

LEYTON HIGHTOWER, Voice of Stare Miasto, Lord of the Port, Lord of the High Tower, Defender of the Cytadela, Beacon of the South, called THE OLD MAN OF OLDTOWN,

  • her son, DENYS, a squire,

  • Lord Leyton's bannermen:
  • the people of Stare Miasto:
  • EMMA, a serving wench at the Quill and Tankard, where the women are willing and the cider is fearsomely strong,
  • ROSEY, her daughter, a girl of five-and-ten whose maidenhead will cost a golden smok,

  • ARCHMAESTER NORREN, Seneschal for the waning year, whose ring and rod and mask are electrum,
  • ARCHMAESTER THEOBALD, Seneschal for the coming year, whose ring and rod and mask are lead,
  • ARCHMAESTER EBROSE, the healer, whose ring and rod and mask are silver,
  • ARCHMAESTER MARWYN, called MARWYN THE MAGE, whose ring and rod and mask are Valyriańska stal,
  • ARCHMAESTER PERESTAN, the historian, whose ring and rod and mask are copper,
  • ARCHMAESTER VAELLYN, called VINEGAR VAELLYN, the stargazer, whose ring and rod and mask are bronze,
  • ARCHMAESTER RYAM, whose ring and rod and mask are yellow gold,
  • ARCHMAESTER WALGRAVE, an old man of uncertain wit, whose ring and rod and mask are black iron,

  • maesters, acolytes, and novices of the Cytadela:
  • MAESTER GORMON, who oft serves in Walgrave's stead,
  • ARMEN, an acolyte of four links, called THE ACOLYTE,
  • ALLERAS, called THE SPHINX, an acolyte of three links, a devoted archer,
  • ROBERT FREY, sixteen, an acolyte of two links,
  • LORCAS, an acolyte of nine links, in service to the Seneschal,
  • LEO TYRELL, called LAZY LEO, a highborn novice,
  • MOLLANDER, a novice, born with a club foot,
  • PATE, who tends Archmaester Walgrave's ravens, a novice of little promise,
  • ROONE, a young novice.

Ród Lannisterów

{TYWIN LANNISTER}, Lord of Casterly Rock, Shield of Lannisport, Namiestnik Zachodu, and Namiestnik Króla, murdered by his dwarf son in his privy,

  • Lord Tywin's children:
  • CERSEI, twin to Jaime, now Lady of Casterly Rock,
  • SER JAIME, twin to Cersei, called THE KINGSLAYER,
  • TYRION, called THE IMP, dwarf and kinslayer,

  • Lord Tywin's siblings and their offspring:
  • Cleos's eldest son, SER TYWIN FREY, called TY, now heir to Riverrun,
  • Cleos's second son, WILLEM FREY, a squire,
  • Genna's second son, SER LYONEL FREY,
  • Genna's third son, {TION FREY}, a squire, murdered while a captive at Riverrun,
  • Genna's youngest son, WALDER FREY, called RED WALDER, a page at Casterly Rock,
  • WHITESMILE WAT, a singer in service to Lady Genna,
  • TYREK, Tygett's son, missing and feared dead,
  • JOY HILL, Gerion's bastard daughter, eleven,
  • Lord Tywin's other close kin:
  • the household at Casterly Rock:
  • bannermen and sworn swords, Lords of the West,
  • Roland's brother, {SER BURTON}, slain by outlaws,
  • Roland's son and heir, SER TYBOLT,
  • Roland's son, SER LYLE, called STRONGBOAR,
  • Roland's youngest son, SER MERLON,
  • Ser Steffon's daughter, JOANNA,
  • their children:

Ród Martellów

DORAN NYMEROS MARTELL, Lord of Słoneczna Włócznia, Prince of Dorne,

  • PRINCESS ARIANNE, heir to Słoneczna Włócznia,
  • Prince Doran's siblings:
  • {RHAENYS TARGARYEN}, her young daughter, murdered during the Zdobycie Królewskiej Przystani,
  • {AEGON TARGARYEN}, a babe at the breast, murdered during the Zdobycie Królewskiej Przystani,
  • ELLARIA SAND, Prince Oberyn's paramour, natural daughter of Lord Harmen Uller,
  • THE SAND SNAKES, Oberyn's bastard daughters:
  • OBARA, eight-and-twenty, Oberyn's daughter by an Stare Miasto whore,
  • NYMERIA, called LADY NYM, five-and-twenty, his daughter by a noblewomen of Volantis,
  • TYENE, three-and-twenty, Oberyn's daughter by a septa,
  • SARELLA, nineteen, his daughter by a trader, captain of the Feathered Kiss,
  • ELIA, fourteen, his daughter by Ellaria Sand,
  • OBELLA, twelve, his daughter by Ellaria Sand,
  • DOREA, eight, his daughter by Ellaria Sand,
  • LOREZA, six, his daughter by Ellaria Sand,
  • AREO HOTAH, of Norvos, captain of the guards,
  • MAESTER CALEOTTE, counselor, healer, and tutor,
  • threescore children of both high and common birth, sons and daugthers of lords, Rycerzs, orphans, merchants, craftsmen, and peasants, his wards,
  • Prince Doran's court, at Słoneczna Włócznia,
  • PRINCESS MYRCELLA BARATHEON, his ward, betrothed to Prince Trystane,
  • Prince Doran's bannermen, the Lords of Dorne:
  • SER CLETUS, his son, known for a lazy eye,
  • MAESTER KEDRY, healer, tutor, and counselor,
  • ELLARIA SAND, his natural daughter,
  • SER ULLWYCK ULLER, his brother,
  • SER RYON, her son and heir,
  • SER DAEMON SAND, Ryon's natural son, the Bastard of Godsgrace,
  • SER GULIAN, his eldest son and heir,
  • SER ARRON, his second son,
  • SYLVA, his daughter and heir, called SPOTTED SYLVA for her freckles,
  • MYRIA, his daughter and heir,

Ród Starków

{ROBB STARK}, Król Północy, King of the Trident, Lord of Winterfell, eldest son of Lord Eddard Stark and Lady Catelyn of Ród Tullych, a youth of sixteen called THE YOUNG WOLF, murdered at the Krwawe Gody,

  • {GREY WIND}, his Wilkor, killed at the Krwawe Gody,
  • his trueborn siblings:
  • {LADY}, her Wilkor, killed at Castle Darry,
  • ARYA, a girl of eleven, missing and thought dead,
  • NYMERIA, her Wilkor, prowling the riverlands,
  • BRANDON, called BRAN, a crippled boy of nine, heir to Winterfell, believed dead,
  • SUMMER, his Wilkor
  • Bran's companions and protectors:
  • RICKON, a boy of four, believed dead,
  • SHAGGYDOG, his Wilkor, black and savage,
  • Rickon's companion, OSHA, a Dzicy once captive at Winterfell,
  • GHOST, Jon's Wilkor, white and silent,
  • Robb's sworn swords:
  • Robb's uncles and cousins:
  • their son, ROBERT ARRYN, Lord of the Orle Gniazdo and Defender of Dolina Arrynów, a sickly boy,

  • the Young Wolf's bannermen, the Lords of Północ:
  • {DOMERIC}, his trueborn son and heir, died of a bad belly,
  • RAMSAY BOLTON (formerly RAMSAY SNOW), Roose's natural son, called THE BASTARD OF BOLTON, castellan of the Dreadfort,
  • WALDER FREY and WALDER FREY, called BIG WALDER and LITTLE WALDER, Ramsay's squires,
  • {REEK}, a man-at-arms infamous for his stench, slain while posing as Ramsay,
  • "ARYA STARK," Lord Roose's captive, a feigned girl betrothed to Ramsay,
  • WALTON, called STEELSHANKS, Roose's captain,
  • BETH CASSEL, KYRA, RZEPA, PALLA, BANDY, SHYRA, PALLA and OLD NAN, women of Winterfell held captive at the Dreadfort,
  • {JON}, called THE SMALLJON, the Greatjon's eldest son and heir, slain at the Krwawe Gody,
  • MORS, called CROWFOOD, uncle to the Greatjon, castellan at the Last Hearth,
  • HOTHER, called WHORESBANE, uncle to the Greatjon, likewise castellan at the Last Hearth,
  • GAWEN, a boy of three,
  • ERENA, a babe at the breast,
  • his wife, JYANA, of the crannogmen,
  • their children:
  • MEERA, a young huntress,
  • JOJEN, a boy blessed with green sight,
  • WYNAFRYD, their daughter, a maid of nineteen years,
  • WYLLA, their daughter, a maid of fifteen years,
  • SER JORAH MORMONT, Lord Jeor's son, once Lord of Bear Island in his own right, a Rycerz condemned and exiled,
  • {BENFRED}, his son and heir, slain by ironmen on the Stony Shore,
  • EDDARA, his daughter, captive at Torrhen's Square,
  • {LEOBALD}, his brother, killed at Winterfell,
  • JONELLE, his sister, a maid of two-and-thirty,

The Stark arms show a grey Wilkor racing across an ice-white field. The Stark words are Winter Is Coming.

Ród Tullych

EDMURE TULLY, Lord of Riverrun, taken captive at his wedding and held prisoner by the Freys,

  • Edmure's bannermen, the Lords of the Trident,
  • {LUCAS}, his son, slain at the Krwawe Gody,
  • his son and heir, SER MARQ PIPER, taken captive at the Krwawe Gody,

Ród Tyrellów

MACE TYRELL, Lord of Wysogród, Warden of the South, Defender of the Marches, and High Marshal of the Reach,

  • WILLAS, their eldest son, heir to Wysogród,
  • SER GARLAN, called THE GALLANT, their second son, newly raised to Lord of Brightwater,
  • ARRYK and ERRYK, her guardsmen, twins seven feet tall called LEFT and RIGHT,
  • Mace's sisters:
  • Mace's uncles and cousins:
  • Mace's uncle, GARTH, called THE GROSS, Lord Seneschal of Wysogród,
  • Mace's uncle, SER MORYN, Lord Commander of the City Watch of Stare Miasto,
  • Theodore's daughter, ELINOR,
  • Thedoroe's son, LUTHOR, a squire,
  • Moryn's son LEO, called LEO THE LAZY, a novice at the Cytadela of Stare Miasto,
  • Mace's uncle, MAESTER GORMON, serving at the Cytadela,
  • Mace's cousin, {SER QUENTIN}, died at Ashford,
  • their daughter, LADY ALYSANNE BULWER, eight,

  • Mace's household at Wysogród:

  • his bannermen, the Lords of Reach:
  • SER HORAS and SER HOBBER, his twin sons,
  • Lord Paxter's healer, MAESTER BALLABAR,
  • Lady Arwyn's youngest son, SER ARYS, a Sworn Brother of the Gwardia Królewska,
  • LADY TAENA, his wife, a woman of Myr,
  • RUSSELL, her son, a boy of eight,

  • his Rycerzs and sworn swords:

The Tyrell sigil is a golden rose on a green-grass field. Their words are Growing Strong.

Rebels and Rogues, Smallfolk and Sworn Brothers

Lordlings, Wanderers and Common Men

  • BRIENNE, THE MAID OF TARTH, also called BRIENNE THE BEAUTY, a maiden on a quest,
  • SER RUFUS LEEK, a one-legged Rycerz in his service, castellan of the Dun Fort at Duskendale,
  • his dog, DOG,

  • JEYNE HEDDLE, called LONG JEYNE, innkeep, a tall young wench of eighteen years,
  • WILLOW, her sister, stern with a spoon,

  • Lady Amerei's mother, LADY MARIYA of House Darry, widowed wife of Merrett Frey,
  • Lady Amerei's sister, MARISSA, a maid of thirteen,
  • SER HARWYN PLUMM, called HARDSTONE, commander of the garrison,
  • MAESTER OTTOMORE, healer, tutor, and advisor,

  • SHARNA, the innkeep, a cook and midwife,
  • her husband, called HUSBAND,
  • BOY, an orphan of the war,
  • HOT PIE, a baker's boy, now orphaned.

Outlaws and Broken Men

{BERIC DONDARRION}, once Lord of Blackhaven, six times slain,


SANDOR CLEGANE, called THE HOUND, once King Joffrey's sworn shield, later a Sworn Brother of the Gwardia Królewska, last seen feverish and dying beside the Trident,

{VARGO HOAT} of the Free City of Qohor, called THE GOAT, a sellsword captain of slobbery speech, slain at Harrenhal by Ser Gregor Clegane,

  • at the Peach, a brothel in Stoney Sept:
  • TANSY, the red-haired proprietor,
  • here and there and elsewhere:
  • his young caretaker, MAESTER ROONE,

The Sworn Brothers of the Nocna Straż

JON SNOW, the Bastard of Winterfell, nine-hundred-and-ninety-eighth Lord Dowódca Nocnej Straży,



SER DENYS MALLISTER, Commander, Shadow Tower,


COTTER PYKE, Commander


The Dzicy, or The Free Folk

MANCE RAYDER, King-beyond-the-Mur, a captive at Czarny Zamek,

  • his wife {DALLA}, died in childbirth,
  • their newborn son, born in battle, not yet named,
  • VAL, Dalla's youngest sister, "the Dzicy princess," a captive at Czarny Zamek


  • Dzicy chiefs and captains:
  • {HARMA}, called DOGSHEAD, slain beneath the Mur,
  • THE LORD OF BONES, mocked as RATTLESHIRT, a raider and leader of a war band, captive at Czarny Zamek



  • RYK, called LONGSPEAR, a member of his band,
  • RAGWYLE, LENYL, members of his band,
  • {STYR}, Magnar of Thenn, slain attacking Czarny Zamek


  • SIGORN, Styr's son, the new Magnar of Thenn,


  • VARAMYR called SIXSKINS, a skinchanger, master of three wolves, a shadowcat, and snow bear,
  • {JARL}, a young raider, Val's lover, killed in a fall from Mur,
  • GILLY, his daughter and wife,
  • Goździk's newborn son, not yet named,

Beyond the Narrow Sea

The Queen Across the Water

DAENERYS TARGARYEN, the First of Her Name, Queen of Meereen, Queen of the Andalowie and the Rhoynarowie and the Pierwsi Ludzie, Lord of the Siedem Królestw, Protector of the Realm, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, called DAENERYS STORMBORN, the UNBURNT, MOTHER OF DRAGONS,

  • her brother {VISERYS}, the Third of His Name, called THE BEGGAR KING, crowned with molten gold,
  • her lord husband, {DROGO}, a khal of the Dothrakowie, died of a wound gone bad,
  • SER BARRISTAN SELMY, called BARRISTAN THE BOLD, once Lord Commander of King Robert's Gwardia Królewska,
  • JHOGO, ko and bloodrider, the whip,
  • AGGO, ko and bloodrider, the bow,
  • RAKHARO, ko and bloodrider, the arakh,
  • STRONG BELWAS, eunuch and former fighting slave,

  • her captains and commanders:

  • her handmaids:

  • her known and suspected enemies:

  • her uncertain allies, past and present:
  • KHAL JOMMO, sometime ally of Khal Drogo.

In Braavos

FERREGO ANTARYON, Sealord of Braavos,

  • LANNA her daughter, a young whore,
  • CASSO, KING OF THE SEALS, his trained seal,
  • LITTLE NARBO, his sometime partner,

References and Notes

  1. The appendices of Uczta dla Wron and Taniec ze Smokami list Roger, Rickard, and Roose as Rodrik's quarrelsome cousins, but the text of Taniec ze Smokami specifies them as his sons in 20. Fetor II and 32. Fetor III.

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