Wąwóz Pisków

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The Wąwóz Pisków is a path into the Mroźne Kły, located Za Murem. The pass is named for the keening sound the wind makes as it blows through it.


The pass is a long, twisting course between mountain peaks and hidden valleys. There is no grass save a few weeds and pale lichen clinging to life amongst cracks in the rock.[1] The highest point of the pass is marked with a a stone archway. From the top there is a hidden valley, long and v-shaped, amongst the mountains. A glacier of ice several thousand feet high plugs one end, squeezed between the mountains. Under that icy height is a great lake, its waters a deep cobalt that reflect the snow-capped peaks that surround it.[2] Shadowcats dwell in the Frostfangs.

Other paths into the Frostfangs include the Giant's Stair, if it is clear. [1]

Recent Events

Starcie Królów

The Wąwóz Pisków is considered by the Nocna Straż as a probable place to find Mance Rayder's Dzicy.[3] Qhorin Półręki's group is sent to scout it for signs of Dzicy.[2] Jon Snow captures Ygritte, but releases the Dzicy rather than execute her.[1] While retreating back to the Pięść Pierwszych Ludzi, the scouts are overtaken by Grzechocząca Koszula's Dzicy, with Jon the only survivor.[4]

Chapters that takes place at the Wąwóz Pisków

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