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Walder Frey

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Przydomek Black Walder
Przynależność Ród Freyów
Ksiązki Starcie Królów
Nawałnica Mieczy
Uczta dla Wron
Taniec ze Smokami
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Walder Frey, called Black Walder to differentiate him from the others with the same name, is the second son of Ser Ryman Frey, grandson to Ser Stevron Frey and great-grandson of Lord Walder Frey.

He earned his nickname due to his irascible temper and stern attitude.


He is a stout man with a black beard, who inspires terror in those around him. He is wiry.[1]


Black Walder is known to be resolute and easy to anger, being feared by many among his own family. He is rumored to have maintained numerous affairs with several women, including cousins and the wives of his close relations. There is talk that he bedded both the wives of his brothers Edwyn and Petyr, his first cousin Fair Walda and his half-cousin Amerei Frey, among others. He was also rumored to have maintained a relationship with Lord Walder's seventh wife Annara Farring. All of those relations may cast doubt over the paternity of many of the newborn Freys including the young heiress Perra Frey, or Lord Walder's six children with Annara. He refuses to marry according to Merrett Frey.[2]

Recent Events

Starcie Królów

When explaining the abundance of Walders in the Frey family to Bran, Big Walder mentions Black Walder, referring to him as the fourth in the line of succession. After receiving the news of Ser Stevron's death at Oxcross, Big Walder updates the line of succession, placing Black Walder third.[3] He fights in the Krainy Zachodu with Robb Stark.[4]

Nawałnica Mieczy

Black Walder and Smalljon Umber scaled the walls in the capture of the Crag. Black Walder was among the leaders of the outcry at Robb's wedding to Jeyne Westerling. Black Walder was one of the Freys that received the guests at Bliźniaki for the wedding of Edmure and Roslin. Robb comments to his mother that he is surprised that Black Walder behaved like a lamb during the wedding. Black Walder is seen by Catelyn hamstringing a Vance during the following massacre. News arrived at Królewska Przystań that the Mallisters surrendered to Black Walder. Merrett Frey thinks on the ill repute of Black Walder when riding to Oldstones.

Uczta dla Wron

Black Walder led the search for the outlaws that hanged Petyr and Merrett. He managed to find out that their slayer was Lady Stoneheart, but he was unable to find her.[5] At Seagard he threatened to hang Patrek Mallister if Lord Jason refused to surrender. Lord Jason bent the knee.[6] After Ser Ryman's death, Edwyn confessed to Jaime that he suspected Black Walder had a hand in their father's death, and was afraid that he would be the next.


Walder Frey
Perra Royce
Corenna Swann
Marsella Waynwood
Jeyne Lydden
Aegon "Dzwoneczek"
Dafyn Vance
Deana Hardyng
Janyce Hunter
"Czarny" Walder
Mylenda Caron
Marianne Vance
Walder Vance
Patrek Vance
"Piękna" Walda

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