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Gra o Tron
Epizod # Sezon 4, Epizod 4
Data emisji April 20, 2014
Reżyser Michelle MacLaren
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"Breaker of Chains" "First of His Name"

"Oathkeeper" is the fourth episode of the fourth season of HBO's fantasy television series Gra o Tron, and the 34th overall. The episode was written by Bryan Cogman, and directed by Michelle MacLaren. It aired on April 27, 2014.


In Królewska Przystań

Ser Jaime Lannister continues his sword training with Bronn, who urges him to visit his brother, Tyrion. In the dungeon, Jaime and Tyrion discuss Joffrey's murder. Tyrion claims he had no role in the murder, but knows that nothing will change his situation, as Cersei will not rest until he is dead. Jaime tells Tyrion that Cersei has offered a Rycerzhood to whomever captures Sansa, but Tyrion is also confident in her innocence. In the gardens, Lady Olenna tells Margaery that she will soon depart for Wysogród. Olenna encourages Margaery to bond with Tommen before Cersei can turn him against her, and assures Margaery that, while straightening her necklace, she never would have allowed her to marry cruel Joffrey. At night, Cersei speaks to Jaime in her chambers. She chastises him for failing to protect Joffrey, and for his capture and release by Catelyn Stark. Jaime tries to tell her of Tyrion's innocence, but she will not listen, dismissing him after ordering more men to guard Tommen. Margaery visits Tommen in his chamber to discuss their impending marriage, and begins to form a relationship with him, per her grandmother's advice.

In the morning, Jaime gives his Valyriańska stal sword to Brienne, along with new armor, and charges her with finding and protecting Sansa. He also has her, though reluctantly, take on Podrick Payne as a squire in order to prevent him from becoming involved in Tyrion's trial and to keep him safe. When she is ready to depart, she names the sword "Oathkeeper", which Jaime approves of.

At Sea

Sansa is informed by Lord Petyr Baelish that they are bound for the Dolina Arrynów, as he will soon marry her aunt, Lysa. Sansa accuses Baelish of having a hand in the murder of the King, but he denies any direct involvement. He points out to Sansa that a stone was missing from the necklace Dontos gave to her, and she deduces that the stone was likely the poison used in the murder. Sansa says she does not believe Baelish would murder Joffrey, as he made him the Lord of Harrenhal and gave him wealth and power, but Baelish claims that by having no motive to kill Joffrey, he will not be suspected of the crime. He also claims that his new allies can offer him more than the Lannisters would.

In Północ

In the courtyard at Czarny Zamek, Jon spars with Grenn, and instructs several Nocna Straż brothers on how Dzicy fight. Ser Alliser Thorne breaks up the training, ordering Jon to get back to his steward duties. Janos Slynt tells Thorne that it may be wise to send Jon on an expedition to Twierdza Crastera, as he earlier requested, so the mutineers can kill him and prevent him from being elected as the new Lord Dowódca Nocnej Straży. While getting his sword he speaks with and befriends Locke, a new recruit of the Nocna Straż who, unbeknownst to Jon, is secretly an agent of Roose Bolton on a mission to kill him, Bran, and Rickon. Later, Samwell and Jon discuss Bran's group moving beyond the Mur, before being informed by Locke that Thorne wants to see Jon. Thorne tells Jon that he will allow him to lead a group to Craster's Keep, and Jon rallies several of his brothers to his cause, including Grenn, Edd, and Locke.

Across the Narrow Sea

At Daenerys's request, Missandei teaches Szary Robak to speak the common tongue by talking about how they both became slaves. At nightfall, Szary Robak leads a group of Nieskalani into Meereen through the sewers, where they come upon a large group of slaves discussing Daenerys and her army. The Nieskalani group arms the slaves with swords, and through the night, the slaves kill their masters and free themselves. In the morning, Daenerys orders the remaining masters executed, having them nailed to posts as they had slave children killed to mark each mile to Meereen.

Za Murem

At Twierdza Crastera, Karl orders Rast to feed "the beast", as he drunkenly insults him and tells tales of his own legend in Królewska Przystań. One of Craster's former wives enters the Keep and presents Karl with Craster's last child, a son. The women call for it to be given to the gods, and Rast takes the child out into the forest, leaving it behind. On the way back, he taunts Duch, Jon Snow's Wilkor, who the mutineers have caged. Nearby, Bran and his companions hear the infant's cries, and he uses his warg abilities to send Lato (wilkor) in search of the baby. As Summer, Bran sees Ghost caged, but before he can help, the wolf falls into a trap and Bran awakens in his own body. The group spies on Craster's Keep, but before they can try to free Summer, they are captured by the mutineers. Bran, Jojen, and Meera are taken to Karl, who forces Bran to admit his true identity.

Meanwhile, deep in the Lands of Always Winter, a White Walker is seen riding a dead horse and carrying Craster's last son. It places the baby on a small altar of ice; after a moment, another White Walker picks up the child and touches its face, causing its eyes to turn blue.

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