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Przynależność Nocna Straż
Kultura Westeros
Zmarły 299AC,  Dorzecze
Ksiązki Gra o Tron (Appears)
Starcie Królów (Appears)
Nawałnica Mieczy (Mentioned)
Uczta dla Wron (Mentioned)

Played by Francis Magee
TV series Season 1 | Season 2

Yoren is a sworn brother of the Nocna Straż. He is a recruiter, or "wandering crow," he travels the Siedem Królestw, responsible for collecting recruits and prisoners, who would take the black, and escorting them to Czarny Zamek for training.

Character and Appearance

Yoren is hard and grim, and has little patience for fools.[1] Due to his shoulder injury he cannot fight well anymore and for the past thirty years he has been traveling the Siedem Królestw recruiting for the Night's watch. In all that time, he only lost three. Yoren is not the most refined member but loyal and trustworthy. His travels frequently bring him to Winterfell, and he knows the members of Ród Starków and has a certain loyalty to them.[2]

Yoren is stooped and sinister with a twisted shoulder. His coarse and ugly features are hidden behind a thick and matted black beard. He is lice-ridden and smells foul, wearing garments that are tattered and long since faded to grey.[3][1]


Gra o Tron

Yoren joined Benjen Stark's party as it headed north to the Mur[3] and later accompanied Tyrion Lannister back south on the road to Królewska Przystań.[4] After Catelyn Stark arrest Tyrion, Yoren continues on to Królewska Przystań to inform Eddard Stark about what happened.[5]

Yoren remains in the city to gather more recruits. At some point, Yoren was approached by a man who gave him some gold to take a boy with him to the wall (later revealed as Gendry) and after Eddard's imprisonment Yoren was told to be ready to take Eddard to Mur.[6] Yoren was present at the Great Sept of Baelor where Eddard confessed and was executed instead of being banished to Mur. Yoren recognizes Arya Stark amidst the crowd and seizes her after her father’s execution, calling her "boy" dragging her away.[7]

Starcie Królów

Yoren returning north to Mur with approximately thirty recruits mostly culled from the dungeons of the Czerwona Twierdza. After disguising Arya as boy, cutting her hair with a blade, he takes Arya with him, he plans to drop her off in Winterfell along the way.[6]

On their way north the party arrives at a town on the edge of Oko Boga with the intention of taking a ferry across the lake, however the town is deserted. Yoren decides to stay in the abandoned keep for the night. During the night, a party led by Ser Amory Lorch, part of the Lannister campaign in the Dorzecze, arrives and attacks the keep despite Yoren's protestations that they are of the Nocna Straż and take no part in the ongoing war. Yoren is killed during the assault.[8]

Yoren gives the command to leave for Mur.

Yoren's Last Crows

These are the last recruits that Yoren tried to bring to Mur before his demise.

References and Notes

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