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Ser Barristan autorstwa Mike'a Capprotti

Przydomek Barristan Śmiały
Arstan Białobrody
Ser Dziadek
Barristan Stary
Tytuł Ser
Lord Dowódca Gwardii Królewskiej (były)
Namiestnik Królowej
Przynależność Gwardia Królewska
Gwardia Królowej
Ród Selmych
Kultura Westeros
Urodzony 237AC
Ksiązki Gra o Tron (Występuje)
Starcie Królów (Występuje)
Nawałnica Mieczy (Występuje)
Uczta dla Wron (Wspomniany)
Taniec ze Smokami (POV)
Wichry Zimy (POV)

Played by Ian McElhinney
TV series Sezon 1

Ser Barristan Selmy, znany także pod przydomkiem "Barristan Śmiały", jest osławionym bohaterem, pełniącym funkcję Gwardzisty[1] w czasach, kiedy Białe Płaszcze uważane były jeszcze za najlepszych Rycerzy w Królestwie.

Selmy staje się jedną z wiodących postaci w Tańcu ze Smokami. W serialu ser Barristana gra Ian McElhinney.[2]

Charakter i Wygląd

Selmy jest jednym z najbardziej utalentowanych i sławnych rycerzy w Westeros.

Ser Barristan jest wysoki i niebieskooki[3], Daenerys nazywa je smutnymi. jest starszym mężczyzną (sześćdziesiąt lat na początku opowieści), with long white hair and lined features. Despite his advanced age, he is still looks strong and graceful and every bit the skilled Rycerz he was in his youth. During his time in the Kingsguard, like all members of the Kingsguard, he wore white, from his suit of enameled scale armor to his shield.[4]

Gwardia Królowej armour

In Meereen, as a token of her esteem, Daenerys Targaryen gifts Ser Barristan Selmy, her Lord Commander, with armour.

The mail is gilded, finely wrought, the links as supple as good leather, the plate enameled, hard as ice and bright as new fallen snow. A dagger goes on one hip, his longsword on the other; it hangs from a white leather belt with golden buckles. Last of all he fastens a long white cloak about his shoulders.

The helm has a narrow eye slit and ornate smok’s wings, splendid to look upon. He leaves the helm on its hook for his confrontation with Hizdahr zo Loraq. He leaves it for his next tourney, if the Seven should grant him one.


Early Life

Barristan was born the first son of Ser Lyonel Selmy, the Rycerz of Żniwny Dwór. He squired for Lord Manfred Swann in his youth.[5][6] At the age of ten, Barristan donned the armor of a mystery Rycerz and entered a tourney at Blackhaven. Prince Duncan took pity on the small mystery Rycerz while others laughed. Duncan jousted Selmy when no one else would and it was Prince Duncan who gave Barristan his epithet.

He received his Rycerzhood at the age of sixteen from King Aegon V after unhorsing Prince Duncan and Lord Commander Duncan the Tall of the Gwardia Królewska at a tourney in Królewska Przystań.[7] An eminently successful tourney Rycerz throughout his career, he also proved his worth on the battlefield, killing Maelys the Monstrous in single combat in the Wojna Dziewięciogroszowych Królów, ending the line of the Blackfyre pretenders after cutting a bloody swath through the Złota Kompania to get to him.[8] He was named to the Gwardia Królewska at the age of twenty-three and swore his vows before Ser Gerold Hightower, during the reign of Jaehaerys I Targaryen.[7] In joining the Kingsguard, he gave up the claim to his family seat, and the girl he was to wed was married to his cousin instead.[9][6]

In the Kingsguard

During the Bunt w Duskendale, Lord Hand Tywin Lannister sent Selmy to rescue the captive King Aerys II Targaryen. Ser Barristan slew Ser Symon Hollard, avenging the death of his sworn brother Ser Gwayne Gaunt and freeing the king. In the aftermath of the Defiance, he pleaded for the life of the child Dontos Hollard, to which King Aerys acquiesced.[10] Later in Aerys's reign, during the Kingsguard's campaign against the outlaw Bractwo z Królewskiego Lasu, Barristan rescued Lady Jeyne Swann and her septa, and killed the bandits' leader Ser Simon Toyne in single combat. He defeated Prince Rhaegar Targaryen in the final joust to win the tourney held at Koniec Burzy.[11]

He, like his other sworn brothers of the Gwardia Królewska, was present at the Turniej w Harrenhal. He was infatuated by the Lady Ashara Dayne, though he knew nothing could come of his desire for her. He planned on naming her Queen of Love and Beauty if he won the tournament, but was unhorsed by Rhaegar Targaryen. Rhaegar then crowned Lyanna Stark, setting off a chain of events that led to Rebelia Roberta. Selmy wonders if he could have averted the war if he had defeated Rhaegar in the tournament. He also fantasizes that, if he had won the tourney and crowned her, perhaps Ashara wouldn't have been "dishonored at Harrenhal," and would have turned to him "instead of Stark." He thinks of the consequences of his unspoken love for Ashara as one of his many failures.[12]

During the War of the Usurper, after the defeat of Lord Jon Connington at the Bitwa Dzwonów, Ser Barristan, with Ser Jonothor Darry was sent to rally the remnants of Connington's army.[13] He was severely wounded at the Bitwa nad Tridentem. Lord Roose Bolton counseled that his throat should be cut, but Robert instead called for maesters to attend him. Though he fought bravely for the Targaryens during the rebellion which overthrew them, Barristan later took the new king's pardon and became the Lord Commander of Robert's Kingsguard.[14] Ser Barristan did not approve of Jaime Lannister being allowed to continue his service, having had reservations about the Kingslayer even before he earned his epithet. After Jaime slew Aerys he was quoted by Tyrion Lannister as saying Ser Jaime's white cloak should be traded for a black one, agreeing with Ned Stark that Jaime should be exiled to Mur [15].

Selmy had moral reservations about serving the Usurper, but served loyally nonetheless. Selmy recalled, however, that if he had seen Robert smile when Tywin Lannister presented him with the bodies of Rhaegar's children, he would never have served Robert and nothing on earth would have stopped Selmy from killing him. Selmy loathed seeing the deaths of children, as illustrated by his asking that the babe Dontos Hollard be spared when House Hollard was destroyed after the Defiance of Duskendale.

During the Bunt Greyjoyów, Selmy led the attack on Stara Wyk.

Recent Events

Gra o Tron

Barristan is a formidable fighter even in his advanced years, having won the championship of a tourney at Królewska Przystań at the age of 57, and unhorsing Sandor Clegane in a tilt just a year prior to the outbreak of the Wojna Pięciu Królów.[16] He serves loyally as Lord Commander of Robert's Gwardia Królewska. During the Turniej Namiestnika, he is only defeated by Ser Jaime Lannister after three tilts, having defeated men ten and twenty years younger in his first two contests.[17] When Ser Hugh of Dolina Arrynów is killed in the tournament by Ser Gregor Clegane, Selmy stands vigil over the young Rycerz himself as the boy had no one else.[18]

He is present on the Mała Rada when Robert Baratheon orders the death of the pregnant Daenerys Targaryen. He and Eddard Stark are the only council members who protest the move.[14] He accompanies King Robert on his ill-fated boar hunt which led to the death of the king.[19] In an unprecedented move, he is dismissed from the Kingsguard and the Mała Rada by Joffrey Baratheon on grounds of old age. The real reasons, however, are to allow Joffrey to give a white cloak to his "dog," Sandor Clegane, and to place Jaime Lannister as the new Lord Commander.

When the king orders him seized and questioned for a perceived threat uttered in the heat of his dismissal, Selmy kills the Gold Cloaks sent after him and flees the city.[9] He could have returned to Żniwny Dwór, where his kin would doubtless welcome him, but Selmy did not wish to inflict Joffrey's displeasure on them. Instead Selmy sells his horse and disguises himself as a commoner. He returned to the city along with the stream of Prostaczkowie fleeing the war, making their way to Królewska Przystań. He enters through the Gate of the Gods with dirt on his face, stubble on his cheeks and no weapon but a wooden staff. In roughspun clothes and mud-caked boots, he was just one more old man fleeing the war. He lost himself among the refugees and slept in septs and alleys and pot shops. He lets his beard grow out a cloaks himself in age. He is present in the crowd when Lord Eddard Stark is executed. Afterwards he goes to the Wielki Sept Baelora to pray for Eddard's soul and thanks the gods he himself had only been dismissed. These events force Barristan to reevaluate his years of service in Robert's Gwardia Królewska alongside the likes of the Kingslayer, and others whom he considers near as bad. He comes to the conclusion that his service to Robert was inexcusable. He thinks that Robert had been a good Rycerz, but a poor king, and that Selmy must find his true king and die in his service. This leads Selmy to book passage across the Wąskie Morze to Pentos. [20]

Starcie Królów

Ser Barristan as Arstan Whitebeard by Amoka©

Ser Barristan's search leads him to Illyrio Mopatis, who pairs him with Strong Belwas in the guise of Arstan Whitebeard, a Westerosi squire, and sends him to King Aerys's last surviving descendant, Daenerys. At the harbor of Qarth, disguised as Arstan, Barristan stops an assassination attempt by the Sorrowful Men on Daenerys's life. The assassin tried to kill Daenerys with a manticore but Selmy crushed the beast with his long staff before it could sting Daenerys. Selmy then stated that Westeros needs her, as there are too many kings in the realm and no justice and that Illyrio has sent three ships to help bring her to Pentos[21]

Nawałnica Mieczy

Hiding his true identity for a time to assess whether Daenerys is of a sound mind, Barristan teaches her about Westerosi culture and her family history. When Daenerys, under the advice of Jorah Mormont, had the ship sail for Zatoka Niewolnicza Selmy protested the idea of purchasing a slave army and was disgusted when he heard how the Nieskalani were trained. Selmy however was impressed with Daenerys when she tricked the slavers and used her newly purchased army to free all the slaves.

After the sack of Astapor and the defeat of the Yunkai army Selmy saves Daenerys life near Meereen from the vengeful attack of the former Drudzy Synowie commander, Mero, known as the Titan's Bastard. Daenerys, in gratitude, wishes "Arstan" to be Rycerzed, but he refuses and finally reveals himself and his true identity.

He also reveals that Jorah Mormont was a former spy in service to Varys. Upon the revelation of his identity, Daenerys nearly banishes him along with Ser Jorah for their deception and services to Robert, her greatest enemy.[22] However, when Selmy explains himself and repents for his service in Robert's Gwardia Królewska, Dany sends him along with Jorah Mormont on a near suicidal mission in order for both men to prove themselves. After Meereen is captured, Daenerys pardons him and readmits him into her service, now as Lord Commander of her Gwardia Królowej.[23]

Taniec ze Smokami

Ser Barristan continues his service of Daenerys Targaryen as Lord Commander of her Gwardia Królowej, attempting to lead her down an honorable path towards the safety of Meereen. Barristan opposes Daenerys's relationship with her paramour Daario Naharis, and even her marriage to Hizdahr zo Loraq, which ensures temporary peace within Meereen.

He also begins training Rycerzs. His squires are Tumco Lho, Larraq, the The Red Lamb, and the Boys (three Ghiscari brothers). After Daenerys's departure on Drogon's back, Barristan assumes the title of Hand of the Queen within Meereen. He is present when Krwawobrody presents the court with the head of Groleo. Barristan is enraged and wants to kill Krwawobrody, but stops because the act would break his queen's peace.[24]

He finally decides to work with Skahaz mo Kandaq, despite his loathing of the man and his own inhibitions about making decisions of state in the absence of his queen.[7] Selmy leads with honor and refuses Skahaz mo Kandaq's council on killing the Ghiscari child cupbearers who are the sons and daughters of powerful Meereenese nobles. He also enlists Szary Robak, and they plan to take King Hizdahr hostage. Selmy fears that if he harms Hizdahr the Yunkai will kill the remaining hostages Daario, Jhogo and Hero just as they killed Captain Groleo. Skahaz however states it would be better for Daenerys in the long run if they killed Daario.

Despite his personal feeling about Daario, however, Selmy goes to the Obdarty Książę and enlists his help.[25] He promises to reward the Tattered Prince if he frees the three hostages from the Yunkai camp. Selmy then goes to capture Hizdahr.[12] In doing so, he slays Hizdahr's protector, the formidable pit fighter Khrazz. Barristan longs for the return of Daenerys, but prepares for battle with the Yunkai, using a beacon system to call the attack should the fragile peace between the sides be broken.

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