Gra o Tron Siedem Królestw

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Gra o Tron Siedem Królestw
Dostawca(y) Bigpoint Games
Platfora(y) browser-based
Data wydania TBD
Język English
Gatunek(i) MMORPG

Gra o Tron Siedem Królestw is a planned browser-based, massively-multiplayer role-playing, free-to-play, computer game. It is based on the Gra o Tron television series and is developed by Bigpoint Games. The game has no connection with the single player Gra o Tron or the social media Gra o Tron Ascent. Gra o Tron Siedem Królestw was originally planned for release in 2013.[1]

Technical Info

The game is a browser-based game, using the Unity graphics system.[2]


Based on the television series, Gra o Tron Siedem Królestw takes place shortly after the end of season 1 as the war for the Żelazny Tron begins. Players can align with three initial factions: Ród Starków, Ród Lannisterów, and Ród Baratheonów. The player can also avoid picking a faction for awhile, but there are benefits to having one. Players and guilds, which represent minor houses, can align with a different faction for benefit, which is touted as one of the means of playing out the political aspects of the game.[2]

The game is a sandbox-style game focused on player vs. player (PvP) action and warfare. Players can take part in ranked 5 on 5 duels, or battle for control of castles and fortresses in the massive, open-world sandbox. From what Games Radar reports, the combat is action-based, with players able to earn cards that allow them to summon non-player characters like Jaime Lannister to help in a fight. Games Radar found these mechanics clunky, but Bigpoint noted this was still quite early in the process.[2]

The game is skill-based rather than class-based, but players can specialize characters with melee, ranged, or commander skills, which provide positive modifiers to allies and negative modifiers to enemies.[2]


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