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Lista wybranych artykułów

Lista wybranych artykułów jest wyświetlana na głównej stronie. Obecnie pokazuje inna stronę każdego dnia

Artykuł Description
Pierwszy Jaime Lannister
Drugi Tyrion Lannister
Trzeci Daenerys Targaryen‎
Czwarty Mur
Piąty Rebelia Roberta
Szósty Arya Stark
Siódmy Wojna Pięciu Królów
Ósmy Eddard Stark
Dziewiąty Barristan Selmy
Dziesiąty Taniec Smoków
Jedynasty Rhaegar Targaryen
Dwunasty Nie wybrano

Kryteria Wybranych Artykułów

Artykuł musi być:

  • Być dobrze napisany, kompletny i jeżeli to możliwe uzupełniony obrazkami.
  • Be Pomoc:Przypisy with all available sources and appearances.
  • Be written from a neutral point of view. Restrict yourself to the text and do not interpretate the possible emotions of the character.
  • Follow the wskazówki and Layout guide

Nominating a Featured Article

Any member of the wiki can nominate an article for featured status. But before you do, be sure to read the article completely, keeping a sharp eye out for mistakes such as typos. If they seem shipshape, compare the nominated articles to the criteria listed above. Then, if it conforms to all the point, add it to the Tardis:Wybrany artykuł nominations under a three-bar (===) heading and leave a note as to why you submitted it with your signature following. Users can nominate as many articles to be featured as they wish, however, any articles that do not meet the Wybrany artykuł criteria will be removed.

Article Feedback

Feedback should be posted under the heading of a nomination. Your comment should be proceeded by a emboldened note, such as Support, Oppose, or a specific issue like Continuity issues that is preventing it from being a Wybrany artykuł. Remember to sign these comments. Once addressed, a point should have a further note explaining how the issue has been solved.

This section is not to be used to discuss whether you like or dislike an article, only to suggest improvements or support the article's nomination. Replies to each comment can then follow.

Nominacje na Wybrany artykuł

If you thinks an article qualifies as Wybrany artykuł, add a nomination to the list bellow. When it adhere to all the points laid out above and there are another two user supporting it. It will be added to the list of articles queued to be featured on the main page.

Posting a Wybrany artykuł

When posting a Wybrany artykuł to the main page a short summary must be written to summarise the Wybrany artykuł in order to lead readers to the full article. The previous Wybrany artykuł will be added to the 'Previously Featured Article' list on the main page.

To change the article showcased on the main page, Click here and simply change this line {{:Wybrany artykuł/#}} with # being the number of your article. Once the new article is showcased on the main page, update the end date of the previous FA and add the new one to the below list.

Ten artykuł lub sekcja jest nieprzetłumaczony. Możesz pomóc Wiki „Pieśni Lodu i Ognia” przetłumaczyć go.